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Why Does Slowik Kill Himself Along With Customers And Staff In The Menu?

Why Does Slowik Kill Himself Along With Customers And Staff In The Menu?: The Menu is one of the unique films of 2022 and is directed by Mark Mylod. This film follows the story of a group of rich people who arrive on a private island to enjoy a meal with a top-famous celebrity chef named Julian Slowik at a restaurant named Hawthorne, where they book tickets for foods that you have already seen in the movie.

In this article, I am going to tell you that at the end of the film, we see that Slowik kills his staff and customers along with himself, and I am going to explain why he did this for their customers and what he wanted to show, which I cover in this article.

In the film, we see that the chef Julian Slowik did not achieve fame and recognition for his unique food style, and we also see that he cooks with his heart and considers himself an artist who creates artwork in the form of customer satisfaction.

Later, we see that in early times, he worked at a local restaurant where he was famous for cheeseburgers and was happy with that life, but his life changed and he was considered a celebrity chef, which made him feel like they didn’t have any respect for his food and also that they wanted rich foods for their status so that people thought that their lifestyle was perfect.

On the other hand, Slowik’s staff is willing to work as chefs for him because they, too, wanted the name and fame of the food they made, and he discovered that they didn’t know the art of food making but needed fame for their dishes, which led him to believe that they didn’t respect food like rich celebrities.

In the end, Slowik is not happy with the life that he is living now, as we already know that he enjoyed his early life as a simple chef and respected food artwork. He began the mass killing because of those who disapproved of his food, and he believes he did the same as they did. So, at last, he died along with all the customers and staff.

This is all there is to it; let me know in the comments section how much you enjoy this film. For more, you should read other articles.



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