Vicky Ulloa Emergency NYC: Netflix Original Documentary Series Emergency NYC Shows How Whole Hospital Was Working Very Hard To Help Every Patient. not just doctors But the Whole Staff Working Day And Night One Of The Hard Working Persons Are Vicky Ulloa Whose Job Was to Provide Everything To Patients They Wanted.

Now Talking About Vicky Ulloa;

Vicky Ulloa Continues To Work As EMT In Hospital She’s Still A Part Of Northwell Health. She Has Given Her Precious Time To This Netflix Documentary To Let The World Know What They Were Suffering At That Time She Was Happily Married With Her Husband Manuel.

She’s Having A Son Named ‘Mauricio’ While This Show Was In Production Mode She was all set To Welcome Him She Worked Very Hard To Manage her Profesional And Personal Lives You Can Watch Her Story On The Recently Released Netflix Documentary Emergency NYC show.

Name: Vicky Ulloa
Position: EMT
Specialty: N/A
TV Appearance: Netflix Show Emergency NYC
Salary: To be Updated*



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