Seven Kings Must Die

Uhtred Dead Or Alive In Seven Kings Must Die? | Netflix

What did the last scene of the movie indicate? Is Uhtred still alive? The Netflix original ‘The Last Kingdom’, which ran for five seasons, has now wrapped up with the movie ‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die’. In the movie, Uhtred, supposedly 82 years old, was in battle as the Seventh King fought bravely, got severely injured, and later when he was brought back and unconscious, died.

Still, he did his job of assigning characters and roles and just spread religion and neutrality throughout the show. The movie spread the notion of religion and sexuality, among many other themes.

Uhtred set the standards for everyone coming later, with King Aesthestan turning everything into later. At the age of 82, he died bravely. The action scenes in the movie, which made him hurt after all the betrayal and fight for unity, succeeded in the motive and won people’s hearts (played by Alexander Dreymon).

All the fans and everyone is going to miss Alexander Dreymon in the movie and his supreme character of Uhtred, which is currently a favorite. Go watch the show and the legendary character in the show and his struggles.


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