Thursday Widows Episode 5: Episode 5 of the show tells us the story of the Maldonado Family. The episode revolves around the couple Gustavo and Karla, who have newly shifted to the community. Gustavo is very passionate about his work and can go to any extent to make money. He is dominating in nature, and sometimes he becomes very aggressive, which concerns Karla greatly.

Karla wants to work, but Gustavo wants her only as a housewife. One day, they also have an argument over it, but somehow they manage to settle it. On another day when Karla goes shopping, she spends around 1000 Pounds on buying a dog for the Martin family, and Gustavo becomes very angry with her, even shouting at her. Karla is shocked to see this behavior, but after a few days, things return to normal, and they become physically intimate. The next morning, Karla finds out that she is pregnant but says nothing to Gustavo.

Meanwhile, Karla starts working at the Maavi office, and one day, Gustavo returns from the office early, only to discover that Karla is not at home. Upon searching more, he finds out that Karla is working at Maavi’s office. When Karla returns home, Gustavo beats her badly, leaving a huge mark under her eye. She decides to leave Gustavo and the community the next morning.

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Gustavo is heartbroken after this, and the story jumps to December 26th, Where we get see that Martin, Gustavo, and Tano are planning to end their lives. Now, we also have a clear reason why Gustavo wants to take his own life. But did he really do it? To know the answer, we have to watch the last and final episode of the series on Netflix.



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