Thursday’s Widows Ending Explained: The last and final episode of the show is going to be exciting as it will reveal the final story and the reasons behind all the deaths. The show is a six-episode series now streaming on Netflix, and here is the ending explanation of the show.

Before jumping into the questions, let’s have a recap of the final episode of the show. The final episode tells us the story of Ronnie and Maavi, both of whom are facing financial issues. Ronnie does nothing to solve the problems, while Maavi works day and night and is the only earning member of the family.

Their financial situation is also not good. Ronnie was talking to his mother on the phone, but he said nothing about the situation to his mom. Maavi takes her phone and tells Ronnie’s mother everything. Ronnie gets angry about this, leading to an argument where Maavi calls Ronnie useless.

The story again jumps to December 26th. Maavi goes to the office and starts to have some feelings for the security guard. She asks him to come to her office to take the Christmas food, and there they become physically intimate. Tera witnesses all of this from the window. Maavi returns home, feeling happy for herself. When she reaches her home, she finds out that Ronnie is not there. Suddenly, a loud sound is heard, and we see that Ronnie has fallen from the top floor of his house. On the other hand, Martin, Tano, and Gustavo are also found dead in Tano’s pool.

The story progresses further, and we finally learn the shocking truth. In episode 1, we see that Juno (Maavi’s son) and Ramona are recording a video, in which Tano forcibly kills Gustavo by forcing his head into the swimming pool. Then, Martin and Tano die from electric current, which was also planned by Tano. So, it’s clear that Gustavo didn’t want to die, but Tano killed him, and Martin and Tano died by suicide.

Everyone is shocked to see this, but no one has any idea of how and what really happened. At the funeral, Maavi’s son sends that video to a WhatsApp group, and everyone is shocked and saddened by it. Initially, everyone wants to go to the police, but then a man named Alferado explains that Tano and Martin died to protect their family and wanted to provide a better life for their family and kids. After some time, everyone agrees on this, and they start behaving like nothing has happened. A New Year’s party is organized in the community, and everyone acts as if nothing happened. The show ends here.

Now, the ending of the show is pretty clear, and the show concludes with a beautiful message: Looking rich doesn’t mean someone is happy. Everyone has their own issues, and even big mansions and buildings have dark secrets. Martin and Tano die due to financial issues, Gustavo was killed by Tano, and the show ends there.

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