The Y Movie Review: The Y, a new Psychological Horror Film has been released in the theatres. Directed by Girideva Raaj and also the writer, the film stars Yuvan Hariharan and Leonilla in the main roles.

The film tells us the story of paranormal incidents in a house after the arrival of a new couple who inherited the house but at the same time, it also asks us if it’s really something paranormal and unexplainable, Here’s the review of the film


Diksha and Yuvan are a couple and after Diksha’s parents along with her grandparents die, they leave her a big 40-acre land with a big house, and the couple moves there. Yuvan’s friend buys them a sofa for a housewarming but gets an antique gift which is a house clock. However, the house clock with its arrival starts to create issues for Diksha with its strange behavior.

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The clock every day starts at 11:05 and plays a tune and hearing that, Diksha starts to act strangely. Some incidents around the house affect Diksha and also other people like her uncle, Yuvan is forced to call a Psychotherapist for help and how things unfold in his investigation and it all concludes with whether all of this has a logical explanation or is it supernatural.


The Y has a good setting for the Horror element it sought to give but it lacks not only in just one factor but many. The screenplay is very loose, the cinematography is not up to the mark, and has a lot of loopholes.

The story makes us question if the incidents happening are supernatural or not but while it does an average job in it, the film just barely manages to make an impact. There’s very little horror element and the actors make it very less believable along with the whole story which does pick up the pace but then follows a very underwhelming conclusion.

It needed a lot of good storyline and horror elements which would’ve not made this film underperform so much.

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There are not many songs in the film and even the songs are more enjoyable than the film itself. The cinematography and the screenplay are watchable at best. However, the usage of “Y” in the film is interesting to see but not enough to make it enjoyable.

The film also doesn’t conclude itself with a runtime of 110 minutes and doesn’t resolve the conflict of logical reasoning against the supernatural and even the conclusion which teases a second part saying “To Be Continued…” is acceptable from a film that is disappointing in almost all the areas.

Final Verdict: 2/5

“The Y is very disappointing and underperforming on many grounds. If you’re expecting a Psychological Horror, then you’re not getting it. Better to skip this one.”



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