The Pale Blue Eye Review: Netflix is back with another crime thriller film named The Pale Blue Eye, which is based on the popular novel of the same name and written by Louis Bayard. The film was released in 2003 and was very popular and well-received by audiences.

In this article, I will review this Netflix film and tell you whether it is worth your time to watch it or if you should skip it, as well as discuss the film’s positive and negative aspects, which you will see in full.

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This film story is set in the 1830s in the cold time, where we see a detective from New York City named Augustus Landor who is being sent by Captain Hitchcock for the details about the murder that takes place in the Military Academy, where we find that the murder is of one of the young cadets who is found hanging from a tree with rope.

As I watched the film, I noticed the dark tone, which makes the scene epic, whereas the cold time and the atmosphere that they created look cool to watch, Besides that, the clothes they are wearing look like they adopted everything from the 1800s to make them look authentic.

Aside from that, the background music makes the scene more interesting to see who is the murderer; it gives goosebumps at the scene, whereas the cinematography is on another level, giving chills. Aside from that, the VFX is good, not great, but overall it provides the best experiences, with perfect timing and tone.

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The negative aspects of this film are that the story sometimes feels overly stretched, as its running time exceeds 2 hours, and the murder mystery feels boring, and we’ve already seen this type of movie too many times, aside from some shots.

Now, the twist in this film is the best part, as it is unpredictability, and only that point keeps you hooked to finish it, whereas Christian Bale’s acting is like he is living in this role, whereas the other actors did decent work.

Rating: 3/5

“Overall a decent movie, but if you are planning to watch with until the end as its twist is the best part of this film, you didn’t enjoy that much along with that watch, if you are a fan of Christian Bale like me, then you totally enjoy.”



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