The Way Home Episode 2: HALLMARK’s New Original Series titled “The Way Home” after debuting has released its second Episode titled “Scar Tissue” which delves more into the backstory of what happened to Kat’s younger brother Jacob and more into the time travel element.

we saw in the first Episode and with it also comes the aftermath of her disappearance when Alice is confronted by Kat. If you’re interested in the second Episode, here’s what you need to know

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Summary

As per Elliott’s text to Kat, Alice does make her way back home after seeking help from young Elliott as she told him about what has happened to him and then jumps back into the pond coming back to the present time 2023. Her disappearance has now caused a ripple effect where Kat has been worried sick for the past 12 hours and even Del has been on the lookout.

When Kat returns home and finds Alice just out of the bath, she is angry as she assumes that Alice tried to go to his father by hitchhiking and she grounds her. Alice who is unable to understand what had happened reaches out to present-day Elliott at school and it is confirmed that she traveled through time by means of the pond.

On the other hand, Brady calls Kat and she informs him about Alice. Brady tells Kat about one of his clients who seems to be interested in Kat moving back home in the wake of a family tragedy and is interested in a book about it. Kat is hesitant to take this at first but after her mother sends her to interview for a waitress position, she says that she has a book deal.

Del on the weekend takes Alice to the farmers market knowing very well that she’s grounded leaving a note for Kat. Kat and Del are not on good speaking terms because the letter that Kat got wasn’t meant to be delivered and Del does not want to talk about Jacob and Kat’s father who died after 3 months of Jacob’s disappearance.

Alice who only met Jacob once is now getting more curious about how Jacob went missing and her search takes her to the local newspaper The Herald’s archives she finds that there’s no proper conclusion about what happened and it was mentioned that “he was there at one moment and disappeared the next”. With no proper conclusion to what had happened, Del had been keeping her hope alive for the last 20 years for Jacob to come home but she has tired herself from that and wants to close that book of her life.

She informs Kat about the memorial for Jacob and the two debate on that for a bit but in the end, Kat ends up joining the memorial where Del says a few heartfelt lines about Jacob.

As the Episode comes to an end, we see that the pond doesn’t take Alice to the past whenever she wants to but it is the pond that decides towards the end, Alice is standing near the pond as Elliott comes from behind, and the two talk about déjà vu.

Alice jumps into the pond and comes out in 1999 running in the fields and finding Kat and Jacob playing together.

Episode 2 is currently streaming on Peacock.



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