The Way Home Tv Series Episode 1 Recap: The USA tv shows the way home is a story about three generations of independent women living together in the small town of port haven none of them imagined as they learn to find their way back to each other.

The episode is 1 hour long Here Goes The Episode 1 Recap, a Review Ending Explained Of The Show;

Episode 1 Recap

The starting with a scene in a small town port haven(1814) where a bunch of people run after a woman believing that she is a witch. Before they can catch her she chants some mysterious words and jumps into the body of water.

Cut to the present time where Kat(Chyler Leigh) and her ex-husband(Al Mukadam) are struggling with their teenage daughter Alice(Sadie Laflamme-Snow), who always creates problems like pulling the fire alarm at the school talent show, and throwing parties at her home because she is not happy with her ex. Then Kat decides to start life from the beginning.

She has been fired from her newspaper job and her mother (Cedar Cove‘s Andie MacDowell) has written her a letter calling her to their place so this is the perfect opportunity to begin a new life at their family farm in port haven.

Kat hasn’t been to her home for the last 20 years because the memory of her father and brother kept coming to her which are no more in this world kat and Alice are having a tough time there and Alice is not happy with her new home and school.

Mom and daughter find a friend in Elliot (Awkward‘s Evan Williams). Who was also kat’s neighbor/best friend and is now the high school science teacher(He is also divorced). When Elliot sees Alice for the first time something happened to his face. Later at school, he told Alice she can talk to him anytime, anywhere.

When Alice bunked her first day of school her mom tracked her down and told her that her dad’s new girlfriend is moving in, so Alice’s last hope for going back and living there is also gone. She ran off the pond and threw the bracelet that her father gave to her. She goes back to retrieve the bracelet but as she reaches for it, Alice falls into the water and is pulled by her teenage mom but in 1999!.

In this timeline, Kat is still friends with Elliot and has just gotten a summer camp job, where she will meet her future husband and Alice’s father. The family dynamic is also completely different, as Alice learns when she has a warm and happy dinner with Kat, Del, Kat’s dad Colton and her little brother Jacob.

After dinner, Alice finds teenage Elliot (David Webster) and tells him that he once said she could come to him for help. Back in the present, Kat finds a Polaroid that Jacob took during that 1999 dinner of her and an indistinguishable Alice.

Meanwhile, Elliot reassures a worried Kat, who has no idea where Alice ran off to, that her daughter will find her way home. As the episode ends, Elliot waits by the pond for her.



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