The Vast of Night Amazon Prime Original: To all the science fiction movie lovers we have great news for all of you. The critically acclaimed movie A vast of the night is soon coming to Amazon Prime. Yes this is the same movie that has garnered several accolades just in a short time just by doing festival rounds.

The Vast of Night Plot, Prime Video

In the twilight of the 1950s, on one fateful night in New Mexico, a young, winsome switchboard operator Fay receives a phone call with someone complainingly about something that is movie around and above them, the line gets all fuzzy and noise starts to kick and thus the frequency gets tampered Together she and charismatic radio DJ Everett discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town and the future forever. Dropped phone calls, AM radio signals, secret reels of tape forgotten in a library, switchboards, crossed patch lines, and an anonymous phone call lead Fay and Everett on a scavenger hunt toward the unknown. It’s up to them now to find out the source and a way to end it.

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The Vast of Night Star Cast

This Amazon Prime Video Original Series stars Sierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz and Gail Cronauer in lead roles, The series also stars Bruce Davis, Cheyenne Barton, Gregory Peyton, Mallorie Rodak, Mollie Milligan, Ingrid Phase, Brandon Stewart, Kirk Griffiths and many more

The Vast of Night Trailer

Amazon Prime has released the trailer for the movie and it is available on YouTube so you can check it there. The trailer shows that the city is acting weird, all the phone lines are facing turbulence in their frequency and the protagonists of the movie discover an unknown signal. They go into the search for the signal believing that it is the source of their problems. But in doing so they face various problems.

The Vast of Night Release Date On Prime

The amazon prime original series is all set to release on Prime Video from May 29 2020.

The movie has already garnered so much acclaim that it deserves a watch. Check out the trailer and tell us what you liked. for more post and blog related to web series and stay tuned with us, We keep you posted with all the upcoming digital and web content, You can also join our forum for discussions.


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