‘Upload’ Review Amazon Prime Video : On 1st May 2020 , amazon prime video released a new series titled as ‘upload’ , the series was one of the most awaited series of the month and now its available on prime video, here we are going to review the new series UPLOAD , on prime video , we are going to go through story, acting and other things , Let’s began.

Before we jump to direct review , for all those who don’t have time to read the whole 100 words review , can just skip it , By reading one word review , The Series is One Time Watch, they tried to make it fun and sci fi , but the series fails in both , here is detailed review of the series.

‘Upload’ Web Series Review

The series takes place in 2033. It’s a science-fiction comedy series, the Robbie Amell is playing the character of Nathan , the series got released on Prime on 1st May 2020 , and all the  10 episodes are released now on Prime Video . Let’s jump to segment wise for the review.



The story stars in 2033 where people after their deaths can upload themselves to a digital heaven. Not everyone died in the years 2033 afford to be get uploaded. Tech companies grant customers a virtual afterlife as per the choosing for the right price. Nathan Played by Robbie Amell finds himself after dying in a self-driving car. Before dying he chose to get uploaded. Where his consciousness uploaded to a digital community. Where he can still interact with the living. But for all he has become is a digital file. But even after death money still determines his social status. There are pop ups and in app purchases to live life. His afterlife is controlled by his girlfriend as everything he does there will be connected to his account which is controlled by Ingrid. There are some small twist and turn which can put you in thrill too.



The actors of the series has done decent jobs, Robbie Amell the lead actor has done awesome jobs in terms of acting, other characters like are also great Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, You can watch the series for some great acting performances.



The idea of this series is superb as the concept shows a futuristic tech. But the performance is nice. As it is a comedy series but it’s not that funny. In the time we have watched the series like friends we just expect more fun more laugh. But it has a lot of laughs and good ideas to make you think. It’s like you can die for something that makes you alive. There’s nudity, scurrility, and a surprisingly amount of blood. There’s also a mystery angle which is perfect for the current era. I would not strongly recommend it , but you can give it a single time watch. We are going with 3 out of Five.

What is your opinion about this , have you watched it ? what is your review of it , please let us know in comment section , for more post like this on digital content stay tuned with us and follow us on social media


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