The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending Explained: Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy returned with its the second season and it is safe to say that the season is bigger and better than it’s predecessor. From character Development to the back story to the brilliant acting to the pinpoint storyline everything is better this season. The group faces tough challenges throughout the show in the way of doomsday and in the form of Handler who returns and this time all guns blazing.


The Umbrella Academy season 2 began just where season 1 ended. The group travels back in time but they end up in different years in the 60s. Klaus ends up in 1960 and forms a cult, Allison ends up in 1961 and marries Raymond Chestnut and also becomes a member of the black rights movement to bring change in the situation of White supremacy and discrimination against the Blacks. Luther lands in 1963 and becomes a boxer for Jack Ruby. Diego ends up in 1963 and tries to save Kennedy only to end up in Mental asylum. Vanya arrives in September of 1963 and starts working for a farm with having no memories of her past. While all of them are stranded and accepted their fate, Five arrives and warns them of a coming doomsday in 10 days.

The Ending Explained

Five and the group tries hard to find a loophole or a way to get back to their original timeline so that the doomsday and apocalypse does not happen. They even find out a way to go back but everyone doesn’t make it and their idea doesn’t succeed. Five devises a plan to ask for a briefcase from his older ( well younger ) self who is in the same timeline. Meanwhile, Vanya has been captured by the FBI in the headquarters and Diego sees the future and witnesses that it is Vanya, again who causes the doomsday.

Klaus, Diego, and Allison try to stop her by going to the Headquarters of FBI but it is Ben who ultimately sacrifices himself and saves everyone. The group reunites after the original events happen and see that they have been named as the most wanted people in the world as President Kennedy is shot and they are the suspects. Meanwhile, Vanya gets a flash that shows her Harlan is in danger and needs her help. The Umbrella Academy decides to help Harlan in the farm. While trying to do so they see Handler and Lila who has come to kill them.

Apparently they also bring all of the assassins of the time bureau to kill them. Vanya again easily kills every one of the assassins, but Lila unleashes her true powers and it is realized that She is able to do everything but only better than what the umbrella academy can do. After a huge fight, Diego calms Lila but just then Handler shoots every one of them. Five with his last remaining strength time travels to a few minutes back and saves everyone. The handler is killed by the Swedish assassin and truce happens between five and him. The group decides to go back with the help of Herb. Vanya says goodbye to Sissy and Harlan and the group returns to 2019 but is shocked to see what have they returned to.

What is Sparrow Academy?

When the group returns to their home they are greeted by their dad – Reginald Hargreeves, although he should be dead according to their timeline. But he is not and thus meaning that this is a different timeline to which they have returned as the umbrella academy is not apparently the Sparrow Academy. And Ben is also alive in this world. Chances of these are that The original umbrella academy went back in time and came in contact with Reginald Hargreeves thus giving him the idea about the superpower kids. There is a chance he might have picked up a new set of children this time. And Umbrella Academy needs to find out what happened.

There are many things that season 3 will explore;

  1. Reginald Hargreeves is an alien as we saw him removing the face of Reginald Hargreeves the human which revealed an alien-like body.
  2. Harlan has been left with some powers of Vanya which can be dangerous for Sissy and the world.
  3.  Lila leaves with the Handler’s briefcase meaning that she might return in 3rd season.
  4. The Sparrow Academy and the Umbrella Academy.
  5.  After the assassination of Kennedy, the six of them were termed as the most wanted people in the world and that has become a history which makes them criminals in the present timeline too.

All in all the second season was amazing and we hope that the third season is even bigger and better than this one as the plot and stakes are high, This was all about Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending, what is your opinion about it, please let us know in the comment box, for more posts and updates like this, stay tuned with us.


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