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Bandish Bandits Season 2

Bandish Bandits Season 2: So you just finished the Amazon Prime Video original Musical series and now you left speechless and unanswered, and I am sure you are thinking what’s happened next, is there going to be another season for the series or not? here in the post, we are going to tell you about the Bandish Bandits season 2 release date, plot, and many more.


As we saw in season 1, Tamman left Radhe to learn music, she loves him but still, she left, on the other hand, Digvijay also told Radhe that, he would take the Rathode dynasty heritage at any cost from Radhe, the season 2 would deal with the complex love story of Radhe and Tammana, season 2 would also show the Digvijay taking some ugly step to won the Sangeet Smart show, along with this, the family of Radhe would break more as his father Rajinder knows about her mother and he is now completely broken, there may be an entry of new characters too, we may also see the stardom of Radhe if he accepts the proposal by Aargya.


Almost everyone from the season 1 would come back for another season for sure, we may see the entry of some new characters of new music star to compete with Radhe, we are surely going to see Nasrudin Shah, Ritwik, Shreya and many others cast in season 2 for sure.

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date

The season 2 of the series would release in late 2021, there is no official confirmation about the second season fo the series yet from the makers and producers, but the way the series is getting love from the audiences and critics, we are sure that makers would return with another season for sure.

What is your opinion about the series, please let us know in the comment box, are you waiting for the Bandish Bandits Season 2, please let us know that too, for more posts like this on web and digital content stay tuned with us.


  1. season 1 of bandish bandits was a great experience for me. The whole story was said in a beautiful way that no one can imagine. I am also waiting for the next season and i think it will come soon as all knows that there are much things to be clear… i hope this comment helps you to get better.

    • it was really amazing season, i hope second season coming soon in 2021. i enjoyed the season very well nd both the character i like it so much radhe nd tammana . i m very qurious about second season .i can’t wait for the second season .

  2. Season 2 bring it on!!
    Great season 1 can’t wait long for season 2 to release. Best musical series i have watched,Great chemistry between the actors.Lovedit #wewantbandishbanditsS2

  3. The moment I realized that these characters were 100 times better than the nepotistic Bollywood. Can’t wait for season 2.

  4. I really loved bandish bandits… The season 1 was epic… And i m really hoping that there will be season 2..
    Can’t wait for it..

  5. I can’t wait till 2021…😖I really loved bandish bandits…each every character in the series was superb….and I’m really hoping that season 2 will come soon.

  6. I can’t wait till 2021…😖I really loved bandish bandits…each every character in the series was superb….and I’m really hoping that season 2 will come soon.

  7. I cant wait until 2021, how great expressions were from every character. I loved the beautiful love story around music, shown in such detail. This is one of the best show, I have seen.

  8. Season 2 bring it on!!soon
    Great season 1 can’t wait long for season 2 to release. Best musical series the plot was also set was awesome and the most Great chemistry between the Tammana and radhe was superb. Great role played by Naseeruddin shah. Most waiting for season 2 come soon and to see chemistry between tammNa and radhe

  9. Amazing series loved every character and story …..can’t wait for season 2✌️✌️✌️✌️😇

  10. The whole #bandishbandits series was awesome…… I really have to exist one more year to watch season 2…… Eagerly waiting….. #wewantbandishbanditsS2

  11. Highly waiting for second season…..i get so much passionate for this series…. please release as soon as possible

  12. I loved brandish bandits to the most..it is overwhelming..I would live to see ritwik and shreya together in season 2 ..eagerly waiting for the next season…I’m in love with ritwik bhowmik..he’s such a cutie..♥️

  13. Bring it on Season 2. The chemistry of Radhe and Tamanna was damnnnnnn…….. I would surely love to watch another season of BANDISH BANDITS❤️

  14. finished off with season 1 today. I must say the plot of the series is so captivating that you get hooked up with the series. The characters justified their role. They left me speechless in the last episode. What great creativity and script. Hats off to the entire team of Bandish Bandits. Waiting eagerly for season 2. Bring it on.

  15. The presentation of the character ” mohini ” in 8th episode was like an atom bomb blast to me. The musics, actors and specially ‘radhe’ everything was awesome. First time in a long time something is stuck in my head for that long. ‘season 2’ is a must for this web series.

  16. I loved the chemistry between Radhe and Tamanna. It was so mesmerising. I am ver excited to watch the season 2 because it would show case the love between Radhe and Tamanna. And I even want to see that how Digvijay performs to bring his dynasty back.
    Overall I loved this web series and can’t wait for the next edition.

  17. It was really amazing.The love story,the music.Ritwik n shreya were Fabulous.And what to say about Naseer sir,outstanding perfomance by him.And ofcourse credits to other actors too.The music was too good it just mesmerised me.

  18. we want season 2 as soon as possible!!!! GOSH!!!! I just love the series!!!!!!Each and every character did a perfect job?

    • It was awesome series really loved each and every character especially last episode where digvijay and radhe had jugal bandi…but really pitty digvijay as it was none of his fault and is not accepted. By pandit ji …When will panditjis fault come in public what he did to digvijay. will he ever accept his son … pandit ji never stood by his son digvijay …loved character of digvijay..

  19. Amazing experience of romantic musical series..and the way u guys have done all the things in classical music it was just amazing…superb……….waiting for season 2

  20. Amazing experience of romantic musical series..and the way u guys have done all the things in classical music it was just amazing…superb……….waiting for season 2

  21. 2021 for season 2 !!!!!!! Like seriously … No way man this series is far then amazing and i loved this series a lot . Best series i ever watched… PLZZZZ hurry up guys i am eagerly waiting for season 2 of BANDISH BANDITS .

  22. It is really a good series after wathing soo much of crime and action series i just loved this soo soo soo much.
    Thanku soo much to the creaters and the cast for ur efforts!

  23. Too gud to watch…Especially for music enthusiasts…Waiting for the next season eagerly!!Gonna watch it as soon as it releases…

    • The season 1 is awesome . I just finished whole 10 episodes now. And still egar to watch its second season. Really I felt so magically . It’s a must watch series

  24. I m really glad to see such mesmerizing love ,compatibility ,support ,compassion and friendship n more …..so eager for d season 2 lots of love….

  25. I think it will take a little more time than expected coz obviously the compositions are so complex amd awesome that the composers would wanna make it will patience well that said still cant wait for s2!!!aaahhhhh!

  26. Bandish Bandits Season 1 was just amazing…. I am eagerly waiting for the Season 2…..I hope that it come as soon as possible….. 🖤

  27. I love season 1 and hope that franchise will come with season 2 with lots of classical singing and twists in Radhe’s life.

  28. LATE 2021!!!!!!?????… How do I wait for sooooooooo loooong!!!???😭
    Please let the season 2 be released as soon as possible!!!!!

  29. Phenomenal……….👌👌👌. I couldn’t find the enough words to describe about it. Literally I loved it. Hats off to the director and the screenplay writer.

  30. One of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen. Poignant, melodious, and full of hope. Can’t wait to see what Season 2 has to offer.

  31. there is no need to question that we want season 2 or not !!! definitely man we all want ❤️😭💔..
    After watching last episode of season 1 i literally cried internally 😭🙏..Want season 2 Asap ….loved this series a lot😍❤️

  32. Panditji is actual villian in this episode…he got married twice what was the fault of his son .. Digvijay.He just need love from his father…As a father he took his love also still Panditji wants everything
    I think in next episode plz Show digvijay getting something who has lost everything because of a heartless father

  33. I’m excited for season 2. Please make season 2 very soon. Bandish Bandits is Best series. Audiences already like this series.

  34. I t was an extraordinarily experience to watch season 1. I liked everything about this season 1 including acting, singing, story, music. I cannot wait for season two. Please bring it faster.

  35. bandiSh banditS iS beSt…… aweSome….I juSt can’t expreSS in wordS ………..want SeaSon 2 aS early aS poSSible…….. plSSSS


  37. Brilliant post this match. I was checking constantly this vortal and Im ecciting! Extremely useful info specifically the last post 🙂 I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thank you and good luck…


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