Get Even Season 1 Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest offering in the space of teenage drama was Get Even. The show brilliantly captured the essence of high school and it’s the environment. It also showed the less-known reality of high school that is bullying. Many people live with it, but in this show, we have 4 people who try to stand up against it.

While informing and educating the people who bully others they also tackle their share of teenage life with teachers, love, friends, etc. The mystery of the show is gradually revealed throughout the course of the show and the ending might have been a little confusing for viewers. So let’s dig into it.


The plot revolves around 4 girls in the Bannerman High School named Margo, Kitty, Bree, and Olivia. The four are tired of the sick environment of their school which openly promotes bullying and no one bites an eye regarding the effects of it on the students. The four form a group named Don’t Get Mad to educate people who bully others. Things take an ugly turn for them as their prime target Ronny is killed by someone and their badge of DGM is found beside the body of Ronny. This makes the four of them the prime suspects of the case.

Who Killed Ronny and Mika?

After becoming the prime suspect in the murder of Ronny , because of the DGM badge which was found beside his body , the girls decide to clear the name of DGM and start investigating about the case on their own . Their first suspect is their Coach Creed who was being blackmailed by Ronny for having an affair with Cam . While he had the strong motive to killer Ronny but when Mika dies too this makes the group to look for the killer in a wider range . Then they land on many names like Donte and Rex but after Rex’s sister is also killed , the suspicion on him gets cleared. Ultimately they settle on Christopher as the killer . Christopher was made to believe by Ronny that Ronny loved him but he then later broke his heart by pretending that nothing ever happened between them . A DGM card is found in Chris’ locker and thus makes it enough for the police to arrest him . But the truth is something else.

We see that Margot finds out a DGM card inside Logan’s car and thus questions him about the card . He retaliates by answering that he is a DGM to which Margot knows that he is lying because she is DGM. Logan’s explaination of his innocence has a little impact on Margot and she deduces that Logan is behind all this . But she needs a proof hence she and the DGM girls make a plan where Margot confronts Logan while kitty filming it . Logan finally breaks and tells Margot that it was all an accident.

Logan sees that Ronny broke Christopher’s heart thus Logan goes to Ronny’s house and the two engage in a fight where in the heat of the moment Logan pushes Ronny who falls through the window and dies . Meanwhile to not get suspicion on him Logan plants the DGM badge beside his body . On the memorial day of Ronny , Mika told everyone that she knew things about Ronny that no one else did . This scared Logan who Decided to meet Mika . After arriving on the bridge Logan continuously asked the questions that what did Mika knew , Mika became suspicious of Logan and his questions , Logan got angry and pushed Mika off the bridge where she drowned.

The Ending

After publicizing the Discovery about Logan the DGM are proven innocent but Logan runs away . He arranges a meeting with Margot alone in the park where he tells her that his parents are the part of this rich secret society which is after the DGM and will do anything to stop them . Before he can tell more , the police arrives and arrests him . After everything is done , the group meets to celebrate their success , where kitty says that she might not be attending the school next year as she fell short of getting a scholarship . The group decides to help her and makes it their next goal .

But all doesn’t end here . There are plenty of questions to be answered . First of them is the black car which continuously followed Kitty after the murder of Ronny . Although we never see who actually is in the car but once we saw that principal Harrington getting inside the car and having a quick word with whoever inside the car and getting out .
We know that the culture of bullying has been there in Bannerman High and thus it has been going on for a while .

We also know that the school is funded by the rich people . The DGM is against bullying and has taken the onus upon themselves to get rid of this practice and dig the ugly secrets of the school staff . The rich society are against their agenda and thus will do anything to stop them.

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