The Super Mario Bros. has been released in the theatres near us and it has been getting all the love worldwide for its unique but nostalgic take on the beloved video game backed by amazing voice actors such as Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, and Anya-Taylor Joy.

Anyhow, the film is a classic adaptation of the video game but it does take a bit of a deviation from it. If you’re interested in the ending of the film, stay tuned.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Ending Explained: How Does Mario Defeat Bowser?

The film starts with Bowser invading the Ice Kingdom and destroying it to find the Super Star which he keeps with him in hopes of leveraging that with Princess Peach and getting her to marry him if not, he’ll use that star and destroy the whole Mushroom Kingdom. Now, in the middle of that Mario and Luigi, two plumbers from Brooklyn find themselves transported to their realm and get separated where Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom and Luigi in the Dark Lands which is under Bowser’s control. The rest of the film finds Mario along with Princess Peach trying to save Luigi and defeating Bowser, but how does he do it though?

After Princess Peach agrees to marry Bowser forcefully when he threatens to destroy the kingdom, during the ceremony the princess takes the ice flower and then freezes everyone there until Mario and Donkey Kong arrive at the party just when they’re about to win, Bowser lets lose the bullet thingy which is about to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom until Mario ticks it off and it’s after Mario to kill him.

Mario takes him to the pipe where he initially got transported from and the blast takes everyone to Brooklyn where Bowser is hell-bent on killing everyone.

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It isn’t until Mario realizes to step up and fight and Luigi realizes that he also needs to stick up for his brother that both of them take the Super Star together and fight Bowser until he’s defeated. After that, Mario takes the mushroom that makes the size small and feeds it to Bowser making him very small, and then traps him in a jar.

The Super Mario Bro. is currently in the theatres near you.



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