The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review: Cute, Funny And Nostalgic! The Perfect Formula

ILLUMINATION & Nintendo’s much-awaited collaboration “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has finally arrived and this collaborative effort is being showered with love by the audience worldwide marking it the second-best Illumination’s debut ever.

However, this love is also backed by the nostalgia for the beloved video game who want to see their beloved characters backed by the brilliant voice actors. Anyways, coming to the review of the film, stay tuned if you’re interested.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Synopsis

The Plumber Brothers, Mario, and Luigi live in Brooklyn and have their own plumbing company which is doing not that good until one fateful night the two brothers are transported to the other world of creatures and the two brothers are separated where Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom and Luigi in the Dark Lands where Bowser rules who is also the antagonist of the film.

The film is the story of Mario trying to find his brother with the help of Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom with an ally meeting people which are the other beloved games characters.

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The film is almost 100 minutes long making it crisp and to the point where it doesn’t let you stray away for even a minute. The humor is on point in the film with the voice actors doing their roles perfectly. Someone who needs a mention is Jack Black as Bowser who outdid the performance (shoutout to the song “Peaches”).

The film manages to also give us some meaning with respect to characters such as Donkey Kong and Mario who want more from their lives and not to be limited by the norms.

Animation is amazingly done and the animators along with the writers have tried to give us hints that even though the film is inspired by the video game, they have not left the roots where we continuously see frames in 2D where Mario and Luigi are going from left to right just like in the game. Overall, the writers have stuck to the original material and given us a 1-UP which I think is a pretty good deal.

Rating: 3/5

Final Verdict: The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Well-Written film which has its own charm with good writing making it a fun ride.


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