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Green Egg Character In The Super Mario Bros. Movie | POST-CREDIT Scene

Green Egg Character In The Super Mario Bros. Movie Explained: The Super Mario Bros. has been released in the theatres near us and it has been getting all the love worldwide for its unique but nostalgic take on the beloved video game backed by the amazing voice actors such as Chris Pratt, Charlie Day and Anya-Taylor Joy.

With the film being just above 90 minutes, it’s not enough time to cover the whole game altogether so we are fully sure that this is not just going to be a one-part movie that gets us interested in whether there was an easter egg for the next film. There was a new character introduction at the end of the film and it was none other than YOSHI.

If you’re interested in who Yoshi is and what significance he has in Mario World, you’re at the right place.

Who Is The Green Egg Character? YOSHI!

In the second Post-Credit scene, we see an egg hatching, and the words “YOSHI!” come out of that egg which confirms that it is none other than Mario’s lifelong friend YOSHI who is a green dinosaur which was introduced in Super Mario World in 1990. He is a faithful sidekick to Mario who lets him ride his back to places where Mario physically cannot.

After his introduction in the 1990 game, he has stuck with Mario in everything that followed made him a significant character in the whole Mario World. He is known for his loyalty to Mario who always comes to his rescue and seeing him as the newest addition to the movie makes us all the more excited to see him in the sequel.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently playing in the theatres near you.



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