The Strays Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest British horror psychological thriller drama film is named The Strays, which is written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, the film is now available to watch on Netflix.

It follows the story of Neve, who wants to live a peaceful life with her white family as she leaves her previous family because now she is working at a private school where her children study, among other details that we see in this film.

In this article, I will break down the ending of this family, whereas this film shows the story of a woman named Neve and more, and I will try to tell you everything about the ending as well as provide a recap of this film.


As the story progresses, we see Carl and Dione return to Cheryl’s charity show, where they reveal that they are her children, whom she abandoned to live like white people because she despises black people, whereas her older children are black and the children of black husbands, whom she abandoned at the beginning of the film.

After that story is discovered, she offers Carl and Dione some money, approximately 20K euros, and tells them to leave here and move to London, which hurts Carl’s ego and makes them believe that their mother didn’t even feel guilty about all that she had done, and Carl believes that she wants to force them to leave her life forever.

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Later, she talks to her white family, with whom she lives, and asks them to forgive her and give her only one more chance to make everything perfect. She tells them that her black husband is a very bad man because he always forced her to give birth to a second child. For all that, she plans to leave everything behind and start a new life, which she always wanted.

The scene shifts to the night, and we see Carl and Dione enter her house and try to make her feel everything she has done to them, while Carl tells her family that she also changes her name from Cheryl to Nave, and he also tells them about the ransom that she gives them, which shocks them at what she has done about all of this.

Ending Explained

Carl persuades them to order food because it is Dione’s birthday and they want to celebrate, and while the food is being delivered, they force them to play a board game. After that, Carl forced Ian to go to the gym and tortured him, which led to his death. When the food arrived, she wanted to give him a tip as the food was delicious and arrived on time.

At last, we see that she took her purse and ran with the delivery man, as she is best in this type of situation, as she did in the first film, which means that she is perfect at escaping, whereas all four children feel that their mother left them again as she leaves Carl and Dione and the film ends.

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This is all about the ending explanation of this film, where I cover all the details, but the ending of this film is unpredictable, so please let me know how much you like this film in the comment box.



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