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Copenhagen Cowboy Episode 3 Recap, Summary, Explained | Netflix

Copenhagen Cowboy Episode 3 Recap, Summary, Explained – What happened to Hulda’s Daughter?: Netflix’s latest thriller series is named Copenhagen Cowboy, which was created by Nicolas Winding Refn and follows the story of a girl named Miu, which we see in this show, whereas in this article, I am going to recap along with an explanation of episode 3. So, let’s see all the details in this article.

Episode 3, titled “Dragon Palace,” picks up right where episode 2 left off, with some of Mr. Chaing’s gangsters at Mother Hulda’s restaurant, where we learn that they are waiting to deliver the dead body to her so that she can dispose of it, or perhaps she feeds the wild pigs at her back, and where we also learn that Mr. Chaing runs an illegitimate fight club.


After that scene, we see the mother who gives birth thank everyone, and then we see Hulda ask Miu to stay and help her at the Dargon Palace, where she gives her a new identity as well as a new name and names herself Cimona.

On the other side, we see that the killer who murdered Cimona starts getting visions, and he is not sure about all this.

After that scene, we see that Mr. Chaing wanted to see the new girl because he is Hulda’s boss, and Miu agrees to meet with all of them so that they will understand her. Then, after Hulda serves food to Mr. Chaing and informs her that there are more dead people whom he wishes to be eaten by her pigs, she is not happy with all the work she does for Mr. Chain. The scene shifts to reveal that one pig has been discovered dead, and Chaing instructs her to purchase more pigs so that they can easily consume all dead people.

Ending Explained

At the palace, Miu finds that Hulda is in debt to the Chaing, and for that, she has given her daughter to him as a debt. That is the reason she is still working for him as a decomposer of all the dead bodies.

Following that, we see Miu speaking with Chiang and telling him that they need to return to the house right away because she had a vision about Cimona that she needs to find and end.

We’ll see whether she can find the truth in the next episode, which is episode 4. Till now, let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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