The Rental Movie Full Story & Ending Explained: The Rental is a movie that will do two things with you simultaneously – firstly it’s gonna thrill you with its the storyline and secondly it is gonna make you think of and about the actions of the lead star cast or the characters of the movie. It will make you believe that if anything is or can be dangerous than a psycho serial killer chasing you and your friends one by one , it is surely the human behavior and how does it reacts to the situation . Viewers were left with many questions at the end of the film so let’s clear that for you.


The movie revolves around 2 couples who decide to go out for a vacation, they rent a seaside home. At first, everything is nice and happy with the only problem being the owner of the home who continuously passes racist comments on them. The group decides to ignore him and enjoy their time happily. Things go a little far at night when Charlie and Mina have forbidden shower sex while their partners, Josh and Michelle, are asleep after the party. The next morning both decide to keep it a secret and forget about what happened last night. This is where the “fun” starts in their life.

The Ending

In the movie, Mina discovers that a small camera is fixed on the top of the shower in the bathroom. She realizes that someone is watching them continuously and they might also have witnessed their little rendezvous last night. In the meantime, Josh’s dog goes missing and the owner is called by the group to fix the bathtub. When asked about the dog Reggie, the owner denies any involvement or the whereabouts of the dog. After fixing the tub, just when he is about to leave Mina takes him to the bathroom and asks about the camera for which he denies. Things go spiraling down for the group as Josh loses his shit and beats the hell out of the owner.

Just when the group is thinking about what to do next, another masked man comes to the scene and kills the owner by asphyxiation. When the group returns to the scene they think that Josh’s beating killed him. They go to the cliff to throw their body with only Michelle staying behind. She hears the voice of a shower from the room and when she goes there she witnesses the video of the last night of Mina and Charlie. When the three return home they hear that Michelle is going to into her car and going away without even saying a word. The group searches for more recordings in the house.

Michelle crashes her car into the woods and messages Charlie for help, suddenly someone from behind kills her, Charlie while looking for her is met with the same fate and now only Mina and Josh are left. In the meantime, Josh receives texts from Charlie’s phone that prove Mina and Charlie’s sexual encounter.  The door of the house opens up and thinking that it is Charlie Josh runs towards the gate only to be greeted by the Killer who smashes Josh’s head with a hammer. Mina, the only survivor as of now runs away from the house with the killer chasing her but she soon falls over the cliff.

What Happened to Mina?

Mina fell over a cliff, the killer when looks down the cliff he doesn’t see anyone there. So there might be a chance that she could have survived by holding on to a tree or something. Even if she is alive, she has no evidence of proving that there was a serial killer who was after them and killed everyone. The killer also comes back home and dismisses every evidence and takes out all the cameras from the home. Hence if Mina goes to the police she might become the primary suspect of the crime.

Who was the killer?

The makers of the movie didn’t reveal a face until the end of the movie. They showed that the killer has moved to a new apartment for his next victims and is planting the cameras in the house, just as he did in the seaside house. We also see that he has done this in several other houses thus making him a dangerous serial killer. In the closing scene, we see him attacking a sleeping couple. The movie makes us think about human nature.

Instead of finding and tackling the killer on their own, if they had contacted the police, there is a high chance that they would have survived but they only wanted to bury their secrets which cost them their life. The makers did a great job not revealing the face of the killer because it feels very real that it doesn’t matter who the killer is , you can be saved only by yourself if you do what’s right according to the situation


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