Amulet Movie Full Story & Ending Explained: Amulet is the latest movie venturing into the genre of a horror thriller. The movie makes you think and makes you want to cover your faces. Although at first, it might look like any other Haunted mansion horror drama in the end, it leaves the viewer confused and shocked. Many of the viewers might be confused and have some questions regarding the ending if the movie. So let’s get into that.


The movie starts off with its central character named Tomas. The movie unfolds itself into two parallel storylines. One showing the past life of Tomas which is regrets to this date and the other one being the present life where he moves from care homes to care homes in search of shelter. He became like this due to the mistakes he made in the past life. He is like this vagabond untill he meets up with this nun, Sister Claire who takes him in and offers him a place to stay. He is introduced to Magda who lives with her mother in a big mansion.

At first, Magda does not like Tomas and resents him and his presence at their home but soon gets acquainted with him as he makes it clear that he will protect her from every harm. He actually does that as he tries to protect Magda from her mother who is locked in the attic and is creating a nuisance , but everything is not as it seems.

The Ending

Towards the end of the movie, we witness what actually happened with Tomas in his past that has left him so vulnerable. We learn that he actually assaulted a woman sexually who shared a shelter with him during the war. This incident made Tomas a very different person, he regrets the incident to this date and wishes that if he could change that. This is the reason he doesn’t give in to his urges when Magda comes close to him.

Instead, he offers to protect her from every possible harm. That’s the reason he decides to kill Magda’s mother who is in the attic so that she could be freed from all the responsibilities and may live her life. But as soon as he is about to kill her, her mother attacks him and almost kills him untill Magda intervenes and saves him. She tells her mother that it alright and she will stay with her forever.

After this, Tomas is relieved and forgives himself for his actions. But his joy is short-lived as he becomes really sick. Sister Claire arrives and tells him that he has taken the same disease which the woman in the attic is suffering from. Claire asks him for a caretaker and advices her to chose for himself. Tomas wants no one except Magda but realizes that Magda has promised her mother that she will never leave her. To want her for only himself he kills the woman in the attic despite the warnings by Magda.

After killing her, he finds a big shell into the room and goes inside her. He witnesses a goddess like a creature who possibly is Magda and starts to cry. Magda says ” don’t you find me beautiful now “, Tomas cries and meets with the same fate as that of the woman in the attic. We see that in the end Magda stops at a gas station and meets a woman who is the same one whom Tomas assaulted. Magda gives her an amulet, the same one which Tomas dug up earlier. She goes back into her car, with Tomas in her backseat and drives away.

Who is Sister Claire?

When we first met Claire she was a nun who helped Tomas to find a place to stay. But after witnessing the movie we can safely say that she was not a nun, and just a woman whom Magda used so as to get to Tomas. Basically she served as the mediator between Tomas and Magda.

Who is a lady in the attic?

Well, this is the twist in the tale. The woman in the attic is not Magda’s mother, infact she isn’t even a woman! Yes, that’s right and there are ample instances throughout the movie which are evident for this fact. We see that in a piece of paper, there is an article that says the Man murdered wife and the mother of six to marry the daughter . The man was Christopher General who was declared Missing soon after the incident.

Hence it is clear that the mansion belonged to Christopher General and it was the place where he killed his wife. Magda was keeping him there as a prisoner.

Who is Magda and What is her purpose?

Magda might be a goddess or a demonic entity. She can change shapes and appearances as she likes. She probably wants to punish people or just men for their mistakes in their life and wants to teach them a lesson. The motive behind it can be simple, either she wants to bring justice or by doing what she does she actually gets powerful meaning she gains from people’s suffering and sorrow, she feeds on them and their pain makes her more powerful. She punishes them by making their life like hell so that they can repent their sins and thus after doing so she moves on to the next victim.

Now Magda has taken Tomas with them to an unknown place, for what we can guess is that Magda is taking Tomas to her old home where the and that’s why she is in the town where the incident of Tomas and the woman took place . The woman after receiving the amulet asks Magda whether she is a tourist. That means like Christopher General, Magda will take into the house of Tomas and do what she did to CG with Tomas untill she finds off her next victim.


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