The Kissing Booth 2 Full Story & Ending Explained: The Kissing Booth was a Netflix original movie released around last year and it created magic on screen, with people loving the story as well as the star cast. It’s a sequel released earlier this month has done the same thing. The movie starts off the same place where it ended with Elle and her life’s story and the dilemma of a situation which will probably decide her friendships and relationships. Let’s decode the ending.


The movie starts off with Elle, after spending a beautiful summer with Noah and making lots of memories bids goodbye to him and prepares for school for one final year of her life. She goes back to school and spends most of the time with her friends Rachel and Lee. Things heat up when a new boy named Marco Joins her class. Soon after their encounter, they end up working together. Now Elle spending a large amount of time with Marco makes her closer to him than with Noah thus harboring her relationship with him.

The Ending

Things don’t seem good for Elle as she has upset everyone around her and her friends Lee and Rachel are not talking to her anymore. She tries to clear things out with Rachel first and makes her believe that she is not going to interfere with her when Rachel is with Lee and totally respects their privacy. Elle fixes things up with Lee who has been upset over Rachel and he hopes that Rachel will forgive her and he will treat her better from now on. Elle plays the Cupid and mediator for both of them and with the help of kissing booth brings both of them back together.

In the kissing booth, she meets Marco who confesses his feelings towards her and waits for a reply. To this Elle replies to Marco, that even though she felt something while kissing him, she is deeply in love with Noah and nothing can happen between them.

Meanwhile, Chloe has a talk with Noah and asks him to go and Chase Elle if he really loves her to which he agrees and goes to the kissing booth only to find out that Elle is not there. Someone tells him that Elle left for the airport to meet him. He runs to the airport and soon both of them reconcile. On the graduation day she is asked by Lee about her college applications to which she replies to both Lee and Noah that she has been put on hold by both Berkeley and Harvard but in reality, she has been accepted by both of the colleges.

What does this mean for Elle?

Elle has been a really complicated person when it comes to making decisions that might shape her life. We already saw this in the first part of the movie – The kissing booth, where she had to choose between Lee and Noah. Although she and Lee had been friends for a long time, and both had a pact but she didn’t put it and thus she felt a bit more for Noah. Now in the sequel, we see that she is in dilemma for her colleges .

She and Lee had decided to go to Berkeley for a long time but due to the insistence of Noah, Elle applied for Harvard too. She thought that one college is bound to reject her and thus she will not have to make a decision, but destiny had something else in mind and she got accepted for both of them. Now if we look at the relationship between Lee and Elle, Elle has always been the first priority for Lee. He has put her on top in his list even though he has a girlfriend, he has also been there for her and thus we expect Elle to reciprocate the same for him.

But in The Kissing Booth, we saw that Elle tells Lee that she cannot choose who she loves and ultimately goes with Noah. She said to Lee that if he cannot accept her love for Noah then they shouldn’t be friends. This proves that Noah is the top priority of Elle and thus she wouldn’t mind going to Harvard so that she can spend more time with him . And since their long-distance relationship didn’t work out as they planned, Elle would be very much delighted to spend time with Noah. But this would mean that she has to give up Lee and thus choosing Noah over Lee again. And this might create a rift between their friendship.

Another thing that can be explored in the next part of the movie is the character of Marco. Elle enjoyed beautiful chemistry with him and she even felt some feelings growing inside for Marco. Marco also grew closer to Elle and ultimately confessed his love for her. Although she rejected him citing that she still has feelings for Noah. Marco might be hurt as he confessed and got rejected, he might try again to win her and this might create some problems for Elle and her ongoing relationship with Noah.


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