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Gannibal Episode 3 Recap, Summary & Explained: Why Does Mashiro Not Talk?

Gannibal Episode 3 Recap, Summary & Explained: Disney+ Hotstar’s New Japanese Drama tells the story of a town that looks just like any other town, with friendly people but there lies a family that practices cannibalism, specifically Endocannibalism, and the protagonist is in the midst of it after he gets transferred to this village as a resident officer.

How it unfolds and the investigation brings out is the story of “Gannibal”. Episode 3 is 40 minutes long and takes place after the events of Episode 2 after Daigo is attacked by “That Man” with a sickle that slashes his head.

Gannibal Episode 3 Recap

Daigo is reminiscing about a memory in the past when he had been threatening a guy called Tsubasa who is a convicted pedophile and Daigo sees him looking at his daughter Mashiro. He threatens and tells him to stop seeing Mashiro. He wakes up in a hospital with Yuki and Mashiro with him and as he’s about to tell them about what had happened.

Keisuke comes there and they try to cover this up by saying that he was injured by someone else but Daigo remembers that it was a tall man which the people call “That Man”. Keisuke and his family members make fun of him and leave shortly afterward.

Daigo knowing that this is just going to keep his family in danger goes to the police headquarters to meet his superior and tell him about what’s going on. He does tell him and his superior who does ask the other officer to re-examine the previous officer Mr. Kano’s whereabouts and the situation when he voluntarily resigned, he also asks Daigo to stay away from the Goto Family.

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Daigo receives a call from the hospital doctor where he had sent the finger Mashiro had found when she wandered in the forest at night. The doctor had found out that it was indeed Mr. Kano’s finger which was found covered in human saliva meaning someone human had bitten off that finger. However, that message was first heard by the Goto’s and they plan to handle this on their own.

They first kidnap the doctor and force him to call Daigo in the police headquarters to come to meet him. Since Daigo is off the case now he’s a victim, he’s off the case and someone else is going to handle it. However, Daigo still goes to the hospital to collect this last evidence.

On the way to the hospital, Daigo and another officer are attacked by the Gotos in a tunnel and there’s a shootout where Daigo is able to catch all of them. Before the backup comes, Daigo and Mutsuo tell him that he will do anything to protect his family. The police arrests all of the Goto Family members.

We also see the incident because of which Daigo had to move to this village. Tsubasa was a convicted pedophile and Mashiro used to talk to him. However, he did not do anything to Mashiro but told Daigo that he was in love with Mashiro and wouldn’t do what he did to other kids. Tsubasa is going away and Daigo hears about a child who had voluntarily entered his house and it turns out to be Mashiro.

Enraged Daigo breaks into his house and starts to beat up Tsubasa and Mashiro tells him that she knows what he’s done but she can’t hate him and wants to be kind to him. Tsubasa starts to cry but grabs Mashiro and takes a cutter and puts it on Mashiro’s neck saying that they should die together.

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Daigo shoots Tsubasa and he dies but Mashiro is ended up covered up in the blood and she passes out. This incident leaves Mashiro mute and she hasn’t opened up to talk since that incident.

Gannibal is currently streaming on Disney Hotstar.


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