Netflix’s original Crime thriller Show, ‘The Night Agent’ is now available to watch on Netflix with 10 Episodes, The show is available in Hindi, English, and a few more dubbed version, I just finished the show, and here goes the episode 1 recap of the show.

The show is directed by Seth Gordan, The show stars Gabriel Basso who is Playing the role of Peter, Peter is An FBI Agent and works for the White House too, The show also stars Luciane Buchanan in the female lead, Luciane Buchanan will be seen playing the role of Rose. We are also going to see Fola Evans-Akingbola, Canadian actress Sarah Desjardins, Eve Harlow, Phoenix Raei, and Enrique Murciano. The show also stars Hong Chau in a crucial role.

Episode 1 of the show starts On a Train On which Peter is also traveling, A Lady with a small Girl enters the train and Peter offers her his seat, All of sudden Peter Saw a suspicious man, who left his Black bag and Gets off the train at the Next station, Peter checks the bag and gets to know that there is a Time Bomb Inside the Bag, Peter Pulls the Emergency break and manages to get everyone out from the train before a Powerfull blast.

The story now shifts to One Year later, where we get to see that Media is accusing Peter of the Train Blast, Peter’s father has also faced the same charges in his Past, The show moves forward and we get to see that Peter is working in the white house at President office.

The story now shifts to a house where a couple named Patrick and Emma are living with their Niece Rose, At Night Rose hears something unusual, and Upon asking what is happening her Aunt have her a Paper and asks her to go and call on that number from neighbor’s house, Rose Saw that some attackers has attacked the house and she somehow manages to call on that Number, The call was received by Peter on the other end.

Actually, Patrick and Emma were spies and they were working for President’s house, They knew something which is very crucial for the Country’s security and was related to the White House and that’s why they both were Killed.

Now coming to the story again, Peter sends help to Rose’s House and he manages to save her, Now Peter gets an order from President’s chief house Staff to Keep Rose Safe, Peter Keeps the Promise and saves Rose from the attackers and Gunman twice.

Rose Keep on asking what is her uncle’s role in all this, But Peter Keeps answering that he doesn’t know anything, Peter asked Rose to tell everything to the President’s Staff and FBI Chief Hwakins, But Rose tells Peter that, she listened her uncle saying that someone from the President house and White House knows the secret and Rose says that she will tell nothing to them as she doesn’t trust them.

In the last few minutes of the episode we get to see that, A couple enters the House of A Alone living lady and Murderded her, They also took some bags from the house, and episode 1 ends here.

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From the episode 1 it is almost clear that the show is going to be a Spy thriller series and there is someone in the team of Peter who is backstabbing the team, Now the story will movie forward with Peter and Rose and it will be interesting to see if Peter has any dark Past.



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