In His Shadow Movie Review: In His Shadow Movie Review: The latest Crime Thriller is now streaming on Netflix in the French languages with English Subtitles, directed by Marc Fouchard the main cast includes Kaaris, Alassane Diong, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.2 hours written by Marc Fouchard and the movie is rated TV-MA, for bloodshed and violence Here Goes The Review Of The Film.

The movie is about two half brothers Adam and Ibrahim who turned out against each other after the death of their father Adam is also blind due to an accident that involves black magic by a witch he met when he was a child, Adam grows up with his father who teaches him a lot of things about the world and not to consider him weak despite having blindness, so after his death will he be able to survive his brother to know this you can watch this movie on Netflix streaming now in the French language.

The movie is not that good, you will find it hard to understand why these two half-brothers are fighting against each other while they can enjoy their life without each one of them interrupting the other.

The pace of the movie is a major issue as the movie is not able to show the death of the story, and the story feels like little incomplete what is the reason behind all this, however, there are some good moments also the direction is good, the writer tries to add an aspect of black magic also in the movie but it makes no sense all.

The performance by the cast is also average, however, the end feels great but it feels like it is too no one could shine through the movie except the role of Adam.

Overall the movie is average it can excite you at some point but if you just don’t want to pass your time and want to watch quality content you can skip this movie, as it feels like 90 minutes are not enough for this movie to build its plot and the music and screenplay is also very average.

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Rating: 2/5

So here is the rating and review of the movie, if you have watched this movie you can give your suggestion in the comments, and for more such content stay tuned with us.



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