Rain Dogs Episode 1 Explained: Rain Dogs Series Summary & Ending Explained: Rain Dogs is now available on HBO in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series so let’s get started.

The story starts with Costello Jones and her daughter Iris packing their stuff and going to leave the apartment it is obvious from the landlord’s tone that they are unable to pay their rent, and after some time they after gathering their bags leave there.

On the same day Costello’s gay friend, Selby is coming out from prison, and before leaving his cellmates to remind him of the debts he has to pay, Costello and her daughter leave their clothes at the laundry and they take a cab despite not having any money, meanwhile, Selby keeps calling and texting her but she ignored, Costello then stops the cab and ran away from there with her daughter dropping her to school.

Then Costello goes to meet her friend Gloria who is not at home and was drunk and sleeping in a phone booth when she came to conciseness, she found out that her phone is not with her so even Costello tries to reach her she cannot.

After his calls get rejected Selby goes to Iris’s school and gives her some money to keep their meeting secrete and not tell her mother. Castello then goes to the store to buy some snacks the shop owner knows about her condition and tells her why she can’t rent an Airbnb, there was a fellow customer Brett, who suggest she live with him by sharing the rent and some terms and conditions but she rejects the offer.

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After nothing works she finally calls Selby and asked her to meet they met in a washroom where Castello use to do S#x work, her relationship with Selby is not good in the past which landed him in jail, however, he tells him about her condition and tells him she wants money, Selby leaves from there without giving her money and left the conservation in between.

After this, she goes to Brett’s apartment to check but Brett was offering her a very small space in return to sleep with him she leaves form there, and takes Iris from school, Iris told her about the money Selby gave to her, Castello has idea they brought the lottery ticket but loses all of them, now this money is also gone.

After she was left with no choice she goes to Brett’s apartment again he offers Iris a bed and prepares to take the advantage of Castello as soon as Iris was asleep, but Castello locks her inside and calls Selby to rescue her Selby is playing the game and actually was able to double his money, but she leaves form there and after reaching there beats Brett and rescued Iris and Castello from there, giving them the winning money he has won to pay their rent, and both mother and daughter finally spend their night in their own flat and the episode ends with the authorities again knocking at their door.

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