The Maid Movie Netflix: Netflix is going to release a new horror thriller movie soon to make the quarantine a lot interesting. The movie is called The Maid. The movie is based and made in Thailand and the language spoken is also Thai. So those who are a fan of different countries cinema will definitely enjoy it.

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The movie is directed by Lee Thongkam who wrote the story himself with Piyaluk Tuntisrisakul serving as a co-writer. The movie rejuvenates the old haunted Mansion horror thriller and this time it can be fresh because the movie is being made by a whole different team so we can expect a good feel while watching it.


The story follows a teenage girl named Joy who is called to a mansion to work there as a maid. Joy is a soft-spoken shy girl who has heard that the previous maids of the house have disappeared throughout the house’s history. She questions this to the residents of the house but they treat her like a worm and also they are not very kind to her .

They want privacy and this bothers Joy because she thinks that the residents are hiding something from her. She starts to witness a certain someone who is watching her all the time. She sometimes catches shadows until one time she witnesses that it is a woman. She learns that it is the ghost of the previous maid who is hunting her. She tries to solve the mystery surrounding her death, but will the residents of the house let her?


The movie is on old plot and it looks like the combination of The Nun and Annabelle Dolls, the story is little old and predictable, but still, movie fulfill it promises, the sound effects and the visual are scary and heartwrenching sometimes, I really had a good time watching this movie, There are some scenes which can fasten your heartbeat, clot your blood and stuck you to the screen, overall it was a great experience to see it alone on big screens.


The movie includes several native actors such as Ploy Sornanin, Sheryl Cruz and Niki Chow, in main lead roles, the movie also stars Chi Wah Wong, Savika Chayadej, Theerapat Sajakul, Venus Saksiri, and others.

The Maid Movie Trailer

Netflix has released an official trailer for the movie and it is available on YouTube as well as Netflix. The trailer shows the struggle of Joy to find the mystery behind the previous maid’s death. You can watch the trailer there.

Release Date

The movie is set to release on 8th July 2020. The movie would be available for worldwide release on Netflix after 12 Am on Netflix, There is no official confirmation about the Hindi dubbed version of the movie.

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