Southern Survival Netflix: Netflix is bringing a brand new Survival reality show onto your screens. The show is filled with moments of thrill and curiosity. The show will tell us about the durability of a product and how well it is built and how it will help us to survive in hazardous situations like natural disasters if we got lost somewhere or in case of intruding. Here in the post, we are going to tell you more about the series.

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The show is a documentary-style reality experimental show where a team The Battlbox tests for products that are designed to help the people to survive in dangerous situations.


Netflix has not released the names of the cast yet but we’ll find out that soon


A trailer has been released by Netflix showing the main characters who experiment with different products and in situations like explosions etc. The trailer specifically gives us advise that do not try this at home! Which means the series is going to be exciting.

Release Date

The season 1 was traffic one and makers are coming back with another season, season 2 of the series is expected to release in 2021 end, the dates may change due to the shooting restrictions across the globe.

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