The Kerala Story Is Undoubtedly One Of The biggest blockbusters of this year A movie which didn’t have a big star cast Only The Renown face in the movie was adah sharma Yogita Bihani did movies like Vikram Vedha But not that much famous Pranay Panchuri should be also appreciated For the negative Character He Played.

Before this, he also appeared in an Amazon Prime original series Crash Course. The Kerala story not just Gave a hit to industry but also gave some talented Actors to the industry. What are your thoughts on the actors tell us in the comments.

Here Goes The Daywise Box Office Collection Report;

Day 1 – 8.03 Crores
Day 2 – 11.20 Crores
Day 3 – 16.50 Crores
Day 4 – 10 Crores
Day 5 – 11 Crores
Day 6 – 12 Crores
Day 7 – 12 Crores

Day 8 – 12.50 Crore
Day 9 – 19.50 Crores
Day 10- 23.75 Crores
Day 11- 10.30 Crores
Day 12 – 9.70 Crores
Day 13 – 7.90 Crores
Day 14 – 6.50 Crores

Day 15 – 6 Crores*

Total Box office In 15 Days: 177 crores*

Worldwide Collection: 187 crores*

This movie was banned in certain states Now the ban is lifted there is no more ban in any state for the The Kerala Story If you haven’t seen the film yet Just Go And Witness The Real Truth.

After seeing many movies on true stories everyone is excited for Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s Next Ventures like The Vaccine War And The Delhi Files. Some reports a movie on Gujarat Riots is also in the making but there is no report regarding that.



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