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The Jengaburu Curse Real Story? | Is show based On True Story? | SonyLiv

The Jengaburu Curse Real Story? : Stories and shows based on the Real Stories are getting Popular Day by Day. SonyLiv is one such Platform that brings some really great shows and series based on real stories. Scam 1992 was one of the biggest hits of SonyLiv and the show created massive buzz all over the Globe.

Another show titled Scam 2003 is also going to release on SonyLiv a few weeks later. A new show titled ‘The Jengaburu Curse’ is now streaming with 7 Episodes on the Platform. Episodes are around 40 minutes long and now streaming in Hindi and a few more dubbed versions.

After watching the show many of our readers were asking if the show is based on the Real Story or not. Here we are going to tell you the same. The story is not based on any particular incident or any real story, The story is Inspired by the Various incidents that occurred in India as well as Various Parts of the globe. There are various reports of such cases related to Mining.

There is no such place named ‘Jengaburu‘ in Odisha and the name used in the show is a Fictional name. Jengaburu means ‘Red Hills’ and the show also tells about the same. Hope this clears all your doubts related to the story and the place shown in the series.

The story of the show revolves around a Girl name Priya, Who works as a Financial Advisor in a huge Company in London. One day she gets a Phone call that her Father is missing, She took the flight back to India and starts an investigation. Will she be able to crack the case? To know this, You have to watch the full series on SonyLiv.

What is your take on the show and what do you think about the Place and the story of the show? Please let us know in the comments.



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