The Jengaburu Curse Summary and Ending Explained Summary and Season 1 Recap: The series tells us the story of Priya, who came from London after her father goes missing. Upon reaching India, she starts the investigation of her father’s disappearance.

She got a lead upon investigation and by following it, she reached the jungle where she meets her father, Swatantra Das. All of a sudden, Das was attacked and killed. Priya soon realizes that she is in deep trouble and her father was doing this work for the tribals. Priya was also given security in the form of Constable Ram.

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After the death of her father, the police plan a conspiracy against her and she was arrested. The police claim that she is also a part of the Naxals. Later, Priya was released on the condition that she would leave India forever, but she didn’t do this. Upon further investigation, she gets to know that A reporter named Basu Knows everything about the case and Priya Asks Ram to help her in that.

Ram talks about Basu Tripathi from his uncle and gets information about Basu, who was burned alive in his press. On the other hand, the local MLA, minister, and everyone else is looking for Priya, and now everyone knows that Priya has not gone to London and she is still in India.

On the other hand, Dhruv meets Priya and he warns that she should go to London. Priya denies it and says that she wants justice for the Bondria people. Priya and Constable Ram meet with the newspaper distributor to collect the paper and rock from him. Dutta Mines goons follow them, Ram (Constable) takes the rock but Dutta Mines goons catch Priya, and they apprehend her after the fight, and episode 4 ends here.

Episode 5 starts with a tribal man saving Priya’s life. Dhruv, on the other hand, asks about Priya from the local minister, but the minister says he knows nothing. Priya calls Dhruv and asks more about her father and tells him that she was wrong about him.

Priya asks him again what happened between Dhruv and his father, and he says that it was all his fault and Swatantra Das had lost faith in him. After some serious conversation, Priya and Dhruv kiss each other.

The Jengaburu Curse
Priya In ‘The Jengaburu Curse’

An officer from the Indian Government (Dhruv’s friend) comes to investigate the mine. On the other hand, we also see that the minister has been diagnosed with third-stage lung cancer. Priya takes the rock for testing. On the other hand, we see that when the officer investigates more about the mine, he is killed by Srinivas. Dutta Mine’s people manage to track Priya and her colleague; they catch them. Priya manages to escape, but Beatrice gets caught. Before the rock researcher tells anything to Priya, he is attacked by someone, and they also take that rock sample, and the episode ends here.

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Episode 6 starts with a flashback to 3 years back, where we see the police brutally firing on Bondria tribal people without any reason, and many tribals are brutally killed. The story now jumps to the present, where we see that Priya somehow manages to escape.

Priya calls Peter (Beatrice’s friend) and tells him everything. Peter says he is looking into everything and they will soon reach a conclusion. Srinivas and his men follow Dhruv’s driver and catch him, but he doesn’t reveal anything about Priya.

Naz was arrested in London, on the other hand. IAS officer Dhruv Kanan tells everything to the central agency and also asks them to investigate this. Peter tells Priya that a tech company from London is involved in all this, and while on a video call, Peter is shot dead. Priya and Tobu are again followed by the police and again they manage to escape. Priya meets with Kadey and tells them that she wants to help them. Kadey refuses to take help from her.

On the other hand, we see that some North Korean officials are talking about something big, and the episode ends here.

The final and last episode of the show starts with Priya and the tribals planning to intrude into the mine. On the other hand, the minister calls Dhruv and offers help to him. Tribal members attack the front gate of the mine and divert the attention of the guards. Priya, Kadey, and Dr. Panigrahi manage to enter the mine. They somehow manage to get inside the tunnel, and Rao blasts the mine to stop them.

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Priya and Kadey get into the mining factory and they discover that they were mining uranium from the mine. Priya immediately informs to Dhruv, and Dhruv informs the center. The center takes action and asks the CRPF and local police to take control of the mine. Srinivas is arrested, and Mr. Rao is killed by tribals in the mishap. The tribals are shifted to a new place, and the series ends here.

The Jengaburu Curse
The Jengaburu Curse

The series ends with a happy ending. By the end of the show, Priya receives a text message saying that she has done a great job, and the episode ends here. The question is, who sent that text message? There is a high chance that the text was from the Indian Ministry and high officials, acknowledging her great job in saving the country from international embarrassment.

This was all about the summary and ending explained of the show. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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