The Impossible Heir Episode 7 & 8 Release Date Revealed: Disney Plus presents a revenge thriller drama called ‘ The Impossible Heir’.The story revolves around a wealthy family named Kangoh, the family is on the verge of finding the next successor for the company, where all the son’s covered in filth. An illegitimate son steps forward to take the thrown with the help of his childhood friend.

The Impossible Heir is a youth career in South Korean drama. The show contains twelve episodes in total. The first two episodes of The Impossible Heir premiered on February 28th. The fifth and sixth episodes got released last week through Disney Plus.

Each episode from The Impossible Heir has an average duration of forty-five minutes. The drama is a combination of friendship, family relations and business. The show got a very good response from the first six episodes among Korean drama fans around the globe.

The latest episodes ended with a shocking twist. Han Taeo was attacked by Kang Inju’s private secretary. Kang Inha was recognised by his father who put him on a negotiation deal for Kangoh Tech One company. Kang Inha and Han Taeo planned everything to win the deal to make Chairman Kang Joong Mo happy. Things got out of hand when the opposite bidder lowered the prices without any negotiation.

Kang Inha used an unethical trick to win the negotiation, in the end, he really won the deal. Chairman Kang Joong Mo slapped Han Taeo for not doing anything while Kang Inha used unethical tricks to win. Han Taeo and Kang Inha went to play basketball at night, after Kang Inha left the place, a stranger attacked Han Taeo.

Last episode shows the downfall of Han Taeo for some time, he was brutally attacked by Kang Inju’s private secretary, Na Hye won took him to the hospital. Kang Inha and Chairman Kang Joong Mo tried to cover up the case without getting exposed. Han Taeo and Na Hye Won felt disappointed when their bestie tried to cover up the murder attack instead of finding the culprit.

Han Taeo sought help from a North Korean hacker and confirmed that it’s done by Kang Inju. In the end of the previous episode, Kang Inha and Na Hye Won were getting married with the support of Chairman Kang Joong Mo. Kang Inju blackmailed Na Hye with the photos of Han Taeo kissing her in his apartment. In the end credit scene, Han Taeo is seen covered in cold blood with a murder weapon and Kang Inju is seen with a lady dead and covered in blood.

The seventh episode and eighth episodes will showcase why Han Taeo killed Kang Inju. It’s still unconfirmed that Han Taeo killed them, maybe someone trapped him and orchestrated the murders. Further investigations and truth reveals will happen in the next episodes. Episodes 7 and 8 were planned to be released next week through Disney Plus around the globe. Both episodes will be released on the same day, which is March 20th. The makers planned to release two episodes per week, untill the twelfth episode was released.

The Impossible Heir‘ latest six episodes is currently streaming through Disney Plus with English subtitles.



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