The Girl Who Escaped Lifetime Based On True Story?: Lifetime’s TV Film Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story has been released and if you completed it and want to know if the story is real or not then it’s for you.

Is The Kara Robinson Story real or not?

Yes, it is. The Kara Robinson Story is real. The story follows a real-life person Kara Robinson, On 2002, of Jun 24, afternoon Kara Robinson was watering plants in the front yard of her friend’s house, when Richard came and kidnapped Kara.

Richard asked Kara ‘Are your parents home?’ and Kara said “Well, this isn’t my house. This is my friend’s house,'” And he said, ‘OK, well what about her parents, is her parent’s home?’ And she said, ‘No, her mom’s not home right now.'”

Then Richard Pulled out his gun and pressed it to her neck and asked her not to shout. Richard then forced her into a large storage bin that was on the back seat of the car.

Kara notices and counts everything, she counts how many turns Richard takes, The song he was listening to. When they go to his apartment, Kara again uses her brain and eyes, she notices and memorizes everything from the number of his doctor and dentist and his name.

Richard abuses Kara for 18 Hours, at night Richard ties Kara with a password lock. When Kara Wake-up in the morning she opens her hand lock from her mouth then she opens her leg. Kara tries to escape the apartment slowly without any sound and she succeeds in it. Kara found two strangers on the road and asked for help. Kara tells everything to the police and that helps a lot.

As soon as the police reach Richard’s fleet from the home. Police searched his house and found proof that explained that Richard was a serial killer. Police caught Richard, but he killed himself with his own gun.



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