Will the next season come? Netflix’s original American TV Series “The Diplomat” is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. The American series is a political thriller created by Deborah Cahn. Before jumping into the renewal status of the show, let’s have an overview of the story. The story is all about a lady who is selected as an ambassador to London and her struggle with political leaders in the middle of her problematic married life.

In the final episode, we saw that Kate and Austin finally found out that it was Trowbridge who hired Lenkov, and Lenkov attacked the British aircraft carrier HMS. The main story was clear, but on the other side, when Hal and Stuart were approaching to talk with Meritt Grove because he was angry, a sudden blast happened when he opened the door of his car. As we know nothing about this sudden blast, the series already ended.

So, it’s very obvious that the next season of “The Diplomat” will continue this storyline. We can assume that the second season of the American series “The Diplomat” will be there in 2025. Until then, you can binge-watch all 8 episodes of “The Diplomat” on Netflix with English and Hindi audio along with subtitles.



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