The Diplomat Ending Explained: Season 1 of the Netflix original show ‘The Diplomat ends after 8 Episodes. For all those who are confused about the ending, Here goes the Ending Explanation of the show. There is a total of 8 Episodes in the show and all episodes are around 50 Minutes Long. Here goes everything that you need to know about the series’s ending

Things are still unclear, the political thriller is turning into a boring ordinary talk show. As we are covering the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explanation.

So, Trowbridge is happy with the idea to arrest Lenkov; this idea is given by Kate. Ganon and Austin are traveling to Paris to talk with the French about the arrest because the PM wants British special forces’ involvement. Kate is going to travel with Anu because of Ganon, but Austin doesn’t like this idea.

On the other side, the relationship between Park and Stuart is messed up. Kate says her friend Jill is doing all the work in Afghanistan that she has to do. But Hal and Kate were trying to make everything okay about their relationship, but it seems like Hal was feeling jealous of Kate and Austin.

Kate invites Hal to come to France, also requesting him to give a speech at Chatham House, but there are lots of rules of Chatham House, like “anything you say can be cited, but it can’t be attributed to you, it’s bad for public image building.” Stuart revised these rules because Hal is going to give the speech, but Hal wants to remove the rule for the speech, and he also asked to send the speech to Billie.

Hal gives a perfect speech. After the speech, there is a Tory MP named Merrit Grove, but upon hearing this, the relationship between Hal and Kate was becoming unstable. When Kate asked him if he really wants to be Secretary of State, Hal became speechless because Kate was thinking everything is Hal’s plan because he wants to be Secretary of State. Kate is being emotional when she got the support of Austin. In the last episode, this series ended with a relationship conflict.

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At the ending point, we get to know that the British don’t let Roman Lenkov live, and the French finally signed off to arrest Lenkov, but it looks like they are going to assassinate him. Kate and Austin are both thinking about it because he must be arrested, so it must be Trowbridge’s idea to kill him. Kate thinks Lenkov’s death is only profitable for those who hired him. So, if Trowbridge wants to kill Lenkov, that means it was Trowbridge who hired him.

At the end, Merrit Grove was angry, but Hal and Stuart were approaching him. When Merrit opens his car door, a sudden blast happens, and the series ends. The reason for the blast is unclear, but the episode and series both end up with panic and lots of confusion.

As we got to know, Lenkov was behind the attack on HMS Courageous, and it was Nicol Trowbridge who hired Lenkov. But still, there were lots of questions that are unclear. Let’s wait for Season 2 to know better.



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