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‘The Diplomat’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending Explained

Much awaited Netflix original show ‘The Diplomat’ is now available to watch on Netflix with 8 Episodes. Here we are at the episode 7 Recap of the show. You can also check Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recaps too.

After lots of unsuccessful plans, a plan for revenge is finally underway. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here’s the Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explanation.

This episode started with an intimate scene between Kate and Hal, and their relationship seems to be in a good position for now, as Kate requests him to stay with her. However, Park doesn’t want to open up her relationship with Stuart until the Russian problem is solved, and there are still lots of conflicts going on between them.

Kate is going to meet Russian Ambassador Oleg Balakin. The main point of this meeting is to tell him that Britain knows about the Lenkov Group, which was hired by the Russian government for the blast of the British aircraft carrier. So now, Britain is going to take action against Lenkov troops in Libya.

Stuart says that Oleg is a representative of The Russian Federation, and he likes alcohol. Oleg is a terrifying man, but we see that he writes a letter on the back of a cigarette paper and gives it to Kate. He wrote, “Down Two Flights Left, Third Right, Stout Wine Co.” It’s information to say to Kate to leave the office and meet with an anonymous person. And still, he was talking to make everyone confused.

In the wine shop, there was a secret basement, and Kate found a lady who informs her that Roman Lenkov has a child with a woman called Laurissa Safonova. She lives in a villa in Cap d’Antibes called La Colline, which Lenkov owns. He will be there on the 30th of this month for three days. After this, Oleg leaves the office.

Kate informs Stuart that Russia wants to give Lenkov up, and he will be in between this. This means that Russia must be playing another game, or they are not behind the blast.

In another scene, Hal went to talk with Billie. Park and Kate were discussing the matter in the office when a girl named Carly Green from the Russia Desk came in. Hal informs Kate that the president wants to fire the Secretary of State, which means Rayburn is going to fire Ganon. Kate wants to go to Washington DC to talk with the higher-ups about the matter of Lenkov.

Kate suddenly finds her friend Jill Klein, and they both go for a drink. Hal is with his friend in a bar, and suddenly his friend informs him to take the place of Ganon and become Secretary of the Chief.

Kate is back in England, and the Prime Minister wants to meet with her within an hour. Ganon tells the PM to stop saving Libya from the Lenkov Troops. So, Americans are not with this Libya plan because they do not have enough material against Russia. But Trowbridge already promised the Libyans that the UK is on the way. Jill tells Kate that she could be better somewhere else, where Kate was unable to talk in the Oval Office.

After all this matter happens, Kate wants to talk with Austin, but it is late at night.

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Things are messed up again, and all plans are canceled, and Kate becomes frustrated. This is how Episode 7 ends. Let’s see what will happen in the very last episode.


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