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‘The Diplomat’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

Netflix’s newly released show ‘The Diplomat’ is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show and here goes the Episode 6 Recap. A surprising move by Kate, but we must see what’s going on in her mind. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explanation.

Austin thinks Kate’s move was really bad, and Russia must reply with a nuclear attack. But Kate explains it was just her act so that Trowbridge stops thinking about Russia. However, Austin thinks this move is just a plan to confirm that America approves of this war.

It looks like Kate feels uncomfortable because she thought her plan was totally bad. Eating with Trowbridge, Kate finally convinces him to find a safe way, as Russia has the power of nukes. Kate suggests he should think of other ways, like stopping the 24-hour laundromat for dirty rubles in London, which he can take.

So, Kate and her team are trying to find a bloodless option. They want to create financial pressure on Russia’s key personnel to generate fissures within the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Trowbridge was thinking of bombing Russian troops in the Aleppo-Raqqa-Hama triangle.

Kate thinks someone must give this idea to Trowbridge. They went to Cecilia, and according to her, Trowbridge still had a relationship with his former advisor, Meg Roylin. Austin doesn’t want Kate to speak with Meg. So, Cecilia went to Meg to talk to her while hiding Kate in the car.

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Meanwhile, Stuart calls Kate for the airport because Ganon is coming in 20 minutes. But Kate said to send Hal for this. Kate wants to know what Daily Mail wrote about Austin that made him angry.

Cecilia reveals that by the end of the campaign, she lost a baby, and her partner set up a kin for house arrest. At that time, she said to Austin that if she didn’t get Oxycontin, she would commit suicide. So, Austin comes with medicine by an illegal prescription and abuses officers. This whole incident is published by Daily Mail because Meg Roylin knows about it. And she informed tabloids that Austin has a pill problem.

On the other side, Hal went to meet with Ganon. Trowbridge wants to prove his power, and that’s why he needs to keep Scotland in his hand. There was a perfect plan that the UK can attack a special group of mercenaries named Lenekov Group, which is actually the Kremlin’s private army operating directly from Libya. But it looks like Ganon doesn’t like this plan.

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In the end, Hal knows about the relationship between Park and Stuart, and Stuart wants to make it public. After lots of ups and downs, finally, a plan is on the way for taking revenge on the Blast. Let’s see how the plan is going to happen in the next episode.



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