Disney+’s original Show, ‘The Crossover’ is now streaming on the Platform, The show has a total of 8 episodes and all episodes are around 30 Minutes long. The show is Sports Drama series, that revolves around two Brothers JB and Jos Bell who wants to a Basketball Players.

For all those who missed Episode 1 or have any doubts related to Episode 1, here goes the Recap and Full Summary of Episode 1 of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts on the basketball court where all the characters introduce themselves. Chuck Bell is a basketball lover, and he, along with his two sons, wants to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Filthy McNasty and JB Jordan Bell are these two kids, and they are working hard to get into the team. On the other hand, their mother also teaches in the same school, and she has just been promoted to principal.

In the next sequence, we get to see JB and Filthy practicing along with their father on the school basketball court, and all of a sudden, Chuck gets an asthma attack. Everything changes after this, and JB, on the one hand, is more concerned about his dad’s health, while on the other hand, Filthy is more concerned about the practice and the game.

JB has to submit a proposal, but he didn’t complete it. The next day when he goes to school, his teacher asks him to tell about his passion in front of the whole class. Here, JB reveals that basketball is not his prime passion, and he is still looking for it.

In the next sequence, we get to see a match between JB’s school team and the guests. The first half of the game was terrible, and JB and Filthy’s team lost the first round badly. They made a comeback in the second half, but still, they lost the match by a small margin.

Just after the match, JB and Filthy get appreciation from the selection team coach. Just before episode 1 ends, we get to see a heartbreak where we see JB has asked Filthy’s crush, Alexis, for a dance, and Filthy is heartbroken. Episode 1 ends here.

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Now it will be interesting to see how episode 2 Goes, will there be a fight between the brothers for Alexis?, It will be interesting to see. For more news, updates, recaps and reviews, stay tuned with us.



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