Jordan Bell In ‘The Crossover’: Jordan Bell aka JB is one of the main lead cast from the Disney+ original show ‘The Crossover’, The character of JB is loved a lot by viewers globally due to his mature behaviors, Both the actors who are  Playing the Teen and Future JB has also done the Phenomenal Job.

Now, As many of you were asking for more details and more information about the Actors Playing JB in the show, Here we are going to tell you about the same, along with the character explanation of JB from Hotstar’s original show ‘The Crossover’.

starting with the Teen JB First, The character of Teen JB is played by Amari O’Neil. He is a Philipian actor and Writer, He is 17 Years old now and he has around 1k Followers on his social handles. This is his debut show and I am Pretty sure that he is going to make it big after the show.

Coming to the Future  JB, the character of Big JB is played by Darone Okolie, He is a former 4 sport Athlete and he was seen in the HBO original show The Winning Time. He has around 10k followers on Instagram and he is Very Much active there.

The character of JB in the series shows Balance, How JB puts a Balance between Passion, and profession, His character in the show is also a Prime Example of how, Maturity comes from experiences, not from Age.

Hope you got an idea about the character Jordan Bell In ‘The Crossover’ which was released today on Disney+, what do you think about it, please let us know in the comments.

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