The Consultant Ending Explained: Amazon Prime Video Original Show The Consultant Is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime, The show is making news all over the Globe due to its Amazing content.

One this is sure that after watching the show many of you are going to get confused, Although there is nothing clear at the ending of the show, here I will try to explain the ending of the show.

Before jumping to the end of the show, let’s have a quick recap of the show. The story of the show starts at a game development company, Compuware. The CEO of the company was shot dead by Kid and just a day after his death, a man named Regus Patoff joins the company as CEO and head of the company. The day he joins, he starts making strange decisions, such as firing two employees on the first day itself and making strange rules such as late working, off-hours working, making things happen at any cost, and a few more things.

Two of the company employees, Craig and Ellan, start digging deep into the life of Regus, but they get nothing. In the climax of the show, we see a face-off sequence between Craig and Patoff, where Patoff loses his toe finger and then simply goes out of the office.

Now, after that ending, everyone was in doubt about who Regus Patoff was and why he was there at Compware. There are a few more questions, such as why that boy killed ‘Sang’, the CEO of Compuware, and a few more details.

Here we are going to explain and tell you about the ending of the show and a few more questions.

Now, the first question is, who was Regus Patoff, was he human or a robot?

Who is Regus Patoff?

One thing is for sure, Regus was not human, but he was a humanoid robot. When, after the fight, Craig boils the toe of Regus, he finds a gold skeleton inside it, which makes it clear that he doesn’t have flesh or bones, but he was a humanoid robot. Now, coming to the other point, which proves that he was a robot, the strange behavior of Regus also confirms that he was not human at least. He never sleeps and keeps working in the office. He keeps repeating his words if anyone doesn’t follow his orders. You can see the example in the Ellan case when he asks Ellan to come to the office at 3 am in the morning. These things are not human behavior for sure.

Another point that confirms that he was not human is that there is no record of his existence in any government records. When Craig was looking into the government data, he found nothing about him, which confirms that he was never born or never died.

Why did that boy kill Sang?

Now coming to the question, why did that boy kill Sang? If you watch the episode closely, you will get to know that Patoff was a great manipulator. There is a huge chance that he manipulated that small kid and asked him to kill ‘Sang’. Although there are a few sequences that can create confusion about the origin of Patoff, the blow job sequence with Sang was an example that Patoff may have some human emotions or there may be a chance that it was his way to dominate over Sang.

Apart from this, many of you may ask what happened to the food and drinks that Patoff eats. Well, this may be part of his program so that he looks more real and authentic among real humans. Well, this is just a theory.

This was all about ‘The Consultant Ending Explained.’ What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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