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What Happened To Craig In ‘The Consultant’ ? Why Patti Borke Up With Craig?

What Happened To Craig?: One of the Crucial Character from the Amazon Prime Video Original Show “The Consultant” is Elain and Craig, They were only from the office we were looking for Patoff’s Past, Now after the ending of the show, There are many questions about them which were not answered in the season 1 and here we are going to answer the same.

There are some questions Like “What Happened To Craig and Elain? Do Elaine End Up Together? What Happened Between Patti and Craig? and a few more questions.

Before We Jump To the question let’s have a recap of the show and the ending of the show to make the theories more clear, You can also check the detailed recap of episode 1, The story of the show So The show revolves around a Game Development Company Compware which is taken over by A Strange man named Regus Patoff, He Starts taking some awkward and strange decision and that’s the reason why two workers from the office Craig and Elain starts investigation about the Regus.

Upon looking at Regus, They came to know that Regus has some shocking Past and strange behavior, as there are no records about him, In all between these, Patoff also Manipulated Craig’s Fiancee and Kidnaps and Kept her in the records room of the Company, In the climax of the show, We get to see that Craig and Elain Finally get to know about the reality of Patoff and After Face-off, Patoff Leaves the Office and Now the question is what happened after that, Here we are going to tell You the same.

Coming to the first question, What To Happened To Craig?

What To Happened To Craig?

After Looking at the office Culture Craig was almost sure that he is not going to work anymore in the office, He now Only trusts Elain but in the end, when he found out that Elaine was responsible for the killing of Jumbo Elephant, Elaine Loses Craig’s respect and Trust, in the end, Craig left the Job and Probably he will Join some other office which we may get to see in the next season.

Now coming to another Question, Does Craig and Pati Broke Up? Yes, after that Incident, Patti and Craig decide to Part ways mutually, and at the end of the office, we also get to see that Patti is Handing over the Keys to Craig’s house.

Are Elaine & Craig Together Now?

In the Climax, we get to see Craig and Elaine Coming a little close to each other, but the question is, Do they End up together, Well I guess No, although there is no confirmation about this by the writer of the show. Elaine and Craig both are completely different personalities and thus there is a huge Probability is they are not together by the end of the show.

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Hope this Post will answer all of your questions, what do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments



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