The Clearing Episode 2 Hulu: The second episode of the show “The Clearing” starts with everyone looking for Sara, also known as Asha. Everyone is searching for her, and then Amy finds out that she is hiding in the tree. She doesn’t tell anyone, and then another guy from the team sees her, and Asha gets caught.

Now we see that the story of Asha, also known as Sara, is running in Freya’s, also known as Amy, mind, and it happened in the past. Freya is still facing trauma because of that. The name of the newly missing girl is Carrie, and when Freya hears about her on the news, her old trauma resurfaces.

Now we jump back to the present, and we see Freya taking care of Maitreya, the lady behind the cult.

Freya sees that white van again and reports it to the police, but nothing happens. Freya visits Joe, and there Joe confronts Freya, saying that she is hallucinating again in the name of Asha and that there is no white van involved in the kidnapping of the new girl, Carrie. When Freya returns home with her son Billy, she realizes that she had closed the gate before leaving, but now the gate is still open. Here, Billy mentions his new friend with whom he talks at school.

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The story now shifts back to the past, where we see Maitreya presenting kids in front of some people and praising herself. While everything was going fine, Sara takes the mic and starts shouting that “Maitreya is not my mother, she is lying.” Somehow, Maitreya manages the situation. Here, we see Detective Saad meeting Maitreya.

Sara is put into the Black Hole, a dark room, as a part of punishment. The next day, Amy is told that Sara has gone home. Amy finds a keychain that belongs to Sara, and the story shifts back to the present, where a man named Wayne calls Freya, also known as Amy, but she refuses to talk to him. In the next frame, we see Amy, also known as Freya, talking with Maitreya and saying that Wayne is back and he will take Billy with him.

Just a few minutes before the ending of episode 2, we see Maitreya talking with a woman on the phone who is spying on Billy, and the episode ends here.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. There is a chance that Maitreya is still continuing her actions, and now she has her eyes on Billy. Whatever happens next, Freya is going to save Billy for sure, and it will be interesting to see the upcoming episodes.

Now comes the question, what happened to Sara? Well, it is too early to say, but there is a huge chance that Sara was killed by a member of the cult as she was causing so much trouble for them. Another valid reason to support this is the trauma that Freya, also known as Amy, is facing. There are huge possibilities that in an upcoming episode, Amy, aka Freya, will come to know about the fact that Sara is no more and she was killed. From there, Amy got the trauma that she is still facing even after several years.



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