‘The Clearing’ Episode 1: Inspired by true stories, Hulu’s original show ‘The Clearing’ is now streaming on the Platform with 2 Episodes. The first episode starts with Bang and here goes the Detailed recap and Explanation of Episode 1 of the show.

The story of the show starts with the introduction of two girls named Sara and Amy. Amy is drawing her name on a tree, and Sara says, “Don’t do that because it may hurt the tree.” While Sara and Amy were talking, a van approaches there and kidnaps Sara.

The story then shifts to a new character, Billy, and his mom, Freya, and we come to know about them. The story now again jumps to Sara and her kidnappers, and here Amy calls Sara by a new name, “Asha”. We get to see that there are many children already there. We also get to know about a few more characters like Hannah and Tamsin.

The police start looking for Sara in the Woodfield area. The next morning, we get to see that Sara has peed on her bed during the night, but before anyone can see, Amy changes her position and takes the blame on her. Later, Sara sees Amy crying on the ground during morning exercises.

The next morning, we see Detective Officer Saad searching for the girl. He reaches the house where the kids were kept and asks to look into the house. As he has no warrant with him, Henrik doesn’t allow him to look inside the house. Sara tries to shout for help, but she fails.

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We also get to see the new character Maitreya. We learn that she is the woman behind all these child abductions. The next morning, Sara runs away from the kidnappers, and here we see Freya hallucinating as if Sara is asking for help.

By the end of the episode, we see Freya meeting Maitreya, and here comes the shocking twist. Maitreya reveals that Freya is Amy, and she is all grown up now. Episode 1 ends with a shocking twist, and now it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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