The Casino Zee5 Ending Explained: so i have just finished watching the Zee5 original series, the end of the series was quite tricky and unexpected, if you haven’t seen the series yet, kindly don’t read ahead, there are many spoilers ahead, here in the post we are going to explain the Ending of Zee5 Original series The Casino.

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Why Rhea Killed Vicky?

The end can’t be trickier then this, Everything was going fine, Vicky has taken his father’s death revenge and all of sudden, his own sister Kills him. Still, confused? we have the answer, In the middle of the series, Rihana came to know that Rhea is lesbian and she made out with her, Rhea has developed feeling for her and she loves Rihana now and when she saw that, Vicky Killed her love, she killed him too.

Rhea was in the mental asylum for a long time and all she wanted is, someone who loves, Rhea found that love in Rihana and when she came to know that Rihana is killed by Vicky, her blood boils and she fired upon her own stepbrother.

The Casino Season 2?

No, we don’t think season 2 of the Casino is coming, although it all depends upon the makers, they may consider it, as they haven’t shown the dead body of Vicky or Rihana in the last, there may be another story and twist in the mind of makers.

There are high chances that there would be no season 2 for the Zee5 Original series The Casino, but if makers decided to make any part 2 for this series, we would let you know.

What is Your Opinion about the Ending Of The series, please let us know in comment box if you think there is any other angle.

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  1. This series Casino was an absolute pervert & rubbish series. The dirty sex & pervert scenes done by Karanvir Bohra are giving a bad impression on the minds of our young children. It is very shameful for Censor board to pass such series. Censor board has just swallowed money to pass all such dirty sex scenes. Please spread the word everywhere in public to stop all such weird sex promoting & blue film like series. From these series it can be seen these days that the standard of ZEE5 & Bollywood has become so low profile. What a shame !!

    • Shivam yadav on

      Why you are talking that way my friend , sex is not a bad thing everyone does it , sex is just a action to express your love to someone and the people who having cheap thinking like you say that sex is a dirty thing . Because of people like you our country is facing many problems and you dont have idea also about it and yes one more thing it was written on the thumbnail of the webseries thaf it is 18+ so it cant misguide childrens . And when the webseries are released they dont need censor board permission they can show any content because all of them are 18+ and thats why they are not released in theatre .

  2. I disagree with ending explanation… Lot of unknown… At last have seen rihana pointed the gun but haven’t fired the same… Also rihana was saying that her sister is acting. The same sister who cried for brother fired her brother for firing to rihana?

  3. dieWithYourBootsON on

    I don’t agree with the explanation w.r.t. ending. Rhea planned her stay at asylum and she planned her return. She received a call stating that all enemies are dead and its time for her return.

    So either Rhea knows who are actual murderer were or she was after casino

  4. How the hell could he get the injury from the front while Rhea was STANDING & SHOT him from behind that was the most stupid thing that I’ve ever seen

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