The Casino Review Zee5: Karanveer Vohra Starer, Zee5 original series The Casino is finally released on zee5, with a total of 10 episodes of Each 30 minutes, The Casino season 1 is now streaming on Zee5, here we are going to review the series.

The series stars Priya Banerjee, Karanvir Bohra, Dhanveer, Mandana Karimi, Rajesh Khera and many other, the series is directed by Hardik Gajjar and Produced by Parth Gajjar, lets’ Jump for the detailed review of the series.

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Zee5’s The Casino Review

  • Name Of The Series – The Casino
  • No. Of Episodes – 10
  • Duration – 30 Minutes
  • Star Cast – Priya Banerjee, Karanvir Bohra
  • Director – Hardik Gajjar
  • Producer – Parth Gajjar
  • Rating – 3/5
  • Recommended – Yes
  • Platform – Zee5

The story is about a casino who is owned by Shiv Marwah, te Father of Vicky Marwah (Played By Karanvir Bohra), Rheana is a dancer in that club and is very close to Shiv Marwah, Vicky has one sister, in the middle of a story, Shiv Marwah is shot dead by some goons and from there, everyone comes forward with a claim over the casino.

Can Vick take is casino back?, who is with him and who is against him, the whole 10 episodes series would tell you, the series is full of Guns, Lust, bold scenes and some great thrill. There are political conspiracies, murder theories, betrayal, and everything, that a masala thriller needed to have.


The acting by the actors is the weakest point of the series, although the lead pairs like Karanvir Bohra, Priya Banerjee, Dhanveer and Mandana Karimi have done good job, especially Priya Banerjee and Karanbir Bohra is treated to watch, the other actors have also di up to the mark, at few places, the actor’s struggles, that can be ignored.

Screenplay & Editing

The series is little long and I think, editing is very poor, there are many useless bold scenes and 4-5 minutes songs of the casino, which were not needed at all, in every episode, there are chances of cut of 5-10 minutes, if we sum up all these, the whole series can be finished under 6-7 episodes, if edited well.

The screenplay of the movie is pretty good, the series is well created and crafted well, each episode ends with some interesting plot and it follows till the last episodes, although in the middle of the episodes series goes little slow, overall it is a good showcase of a good screenplay.


We are going with 3 out of 5 for this series, the series is a good thriller, that you should watch, the most important thing is that, please put your expectations down before watching this series, Ending of the series is very poor, it can be better, but overall its a good watch and You should watch it once.

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