Da 5 Bloods Movie Ending Explained

Da 5 Bloods Netflix Da 5 Bloods Movie Ending Explained
Da 5 Bloods Netflix

Da 5 Bloods Movie Ending Explained: Hello there! Netflix released a brand new War drama movie recently called ‘Da 5 bloods’. The movie is based on a group of aging Vietnam War veterans who return to the country in search of treasure they buried while stationed there. The movie is gathering rave reviews from critics as well as the audience.

In the duration of 2 hours, the film shows in regular intervals that how African American people were also an important part of the history of the USA, and without their contribution, there wouldn’t be the USA. But in today’s world, the same country for which they fought is treating them very badly and there is a recent example as the death of George Floyd or Brendan Taylor.

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The Black community didn’t get the acknowledgment for their work and are being mistreated. The movie tries to tackle these issues. Let’s discuss the movie.

Da 5 Bloods Movie Story

The movie follows 4 people named Paul, Otis, Eddie, and Melvin who reunite in Vietnam after a very long time. They once fought there for their country and has a history with it.
Their plan is to locate the body of their former war brother Norman’s body who died during the war. They have come to take him home but that’s not the only thing they’ve come Their another plan is to go to a jungle where they supposedly buried a treasure.

There is a moment where Paul’s paranoia starts to overtake his ability to think straight and since this could be a weak point for the bloods they try to overpower him which Paul takes as a betrayal. When they come out of the forest they find Vinh waiting for them with other VCs to steal the gold from them which leads to a gunfight resulting in David getting injured.

The VCs back off for the moment and the blood they go to a temple as they think when the VCs will arrive again they will have a better chance to fight. Sure enough, the VCs come back with more force, and it turns out that Desroches was the one who betrayed the Bloods, without Tien’s knowledge. An intense gunfight ensues, which the Bloods win, but not without a price.

Fate of the Bloods?

In the movie we are shown that the 5 bloods were extremely close to each other, they treated each other as they were brothers. 4 of them survive the war but one falls down. Years later they come back again after the war but this visit wasn’t peaceful either for them. The war stayed with them all this while, and when they reunite in ‘Nam, they find themselves in the same danger that they had barely escaped the last time.

Slowly but surely each member of the blood meets their end. The first one was Norman who died in the war, it affected everyone but Paul was the one who was most affected by it. People assumed that it was because of the closeness of the group but we learn that it was Paul who shot Norman, though accidentally but he still blames himself for it.

Later Norman appears to him and asks him to let him go, freeing Paul of the weight of the blame he has been carrying around his whole life. Soon after, the VCs find him and after making him dig his own grave, they kill him.

One by one everyone dies, Eddie is blown to pieces after he steps on a landmine, which leaves Melvin and Otis, who fight for their lives in the final fight at the temple. After taking out several VCs, Melvin dies after shielding a grenade. Desroches comes very close to killing Otis, but David intervenes just in time to save him and kill the French guy.

What happened to the Gold?

In the movie, The bloods used a slogan which was ” Five bloods don’t die, they multiply “. This quote fits perfectly at the end of the movie, where even after 4 of 5 bloods are dead but still they inspired more Blood who vow to change the world.

Otis also reunites with Tien and finally gets to meet his daughter, Michon. Vinh, who had helped to move the gold after Desroche was out of the equation, also gets his share. Hedy & Simon, who got in on the plan at the last minute, use their share to further their plan of removing land bombs and helping the people who have been affected by it.

This was our explanation of Da 5 Bloods Movie Ending Explained, What is your opinion about this movie, please let us know in the comment box, for more posts like this on digital and web content stay tuned with yes.


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