The Boogeyman (2023) Movie: The Boogeyman is an upcoming Supernatural Horror Movie That is all set to release in theatres On June 2 2023 In the English Language, It is still not confirmed whether this movie will release In India Or Not.

This movie is based on a short story From 1973 Which was written By Stephen King.

Sadie Harper Who was a high school Student And Her Little Sister Sawyere Were Still recovering From The Death Of Their Mother, Their Father was devastated By Pain. They were suffering a lot.

After that Something suspicious Starts Happening With Them. There are some twists that you’ll see in the movie itself.

  • Budget: 40 Million Dollars
  • Age Rating: 18+

The Cast Of The Movie Madison Hu, Vivien Lyra Blair, Sophie Thatcher, David Dastmalchian, Chris Messina, and Jaynie Verdin In Prominent Roles. The movie is directed By Rob Savage. The story and screenplay are Handled By Scott Beck Bryan Woods And Mark Heyman.



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