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The Vaccine War Movie: Story, Cast, Release Date

The Vaccine War Movie: One more true story is coming from the side of Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. Vivek’s casting looks the same in every film. His wife, Pallavi Joshi, is a part of every film, whether it is “The Tashkent Files” or “The Kashmir Files.”

She’s also a part of “The Vaccine War.” Anupam Kher is also a part of every film. But what’s new in his upcoming movie is Nana Patekar. He’s coming back on silver screens after a long time, and that too in a fully-fledged role filled with calmness and maturity.

Vivek’s previous film, “The Kashmir Files,” was a mega blockbuster of 2022. No one expected a true story movie would come, and suddenly the film would gain worldwide recognition. The reason behind so much success is that the movie was directed with great detail, and the story was real, and word of mouth worked like fire for the film.

Now, “The Vaccine War” is coming, and in this, we’re going to witness the real story of what we suffered in 2020. The story of the film revolves around the Covid-19 vaccine.

The movie will show how our Indian scientists worked very hard day and night to treat everyone, to give India its first powerful vaccine. The movie is all set to release in theaters on 28 September 2023.



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