Re Member Netflix Review: Netflix’s latest Japanese horror film, “Re/Member,” is based on the manga Karada Sagashi, which is written by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase, while the transformation of the manga into the film story is written by Harumi Doki and directed by Eiichiro Hasumi. This film follows the story of a group of high school teenagers who get stuck in a time loop.

In this article, I will review this film to help you decide whether it is worth watching or just a time pass movie, and I will discuss everything about it that will help you decide whether to watch it or not.

Re/Member follows the story of a young high school girl named Asuka who didn’t have any friends, but the story changes when she gets trapped in a time loop with five more students in her classroom, and the story shifts when they discover that there is a monster who tries to kill them and they must kill them to save the timelines, among other details that we see in this film while watching.

The first half of this film introduces the character along with showing some high school things, which is nice to watch. It keeps its plot tight and tries to focus on the plot alongside some nonsensical scenes. As this film’s length is approx. 100 minutes, the writer has done a perfect job of writing the story to keep viewers thrilled.

Whereas the horror element of this film does not provide more jump scares, it is acceptable, and the music plays to make the scares feel good. The camera work and VFX to show the dark and scary scenes have done an excellent job, and the screenplay of this film keeps us watching without breaks.

Ending ExplainedRe/member Movie Ending Explained | Netflix

Aside from that, the teen actors did a good job with their acting, where some actors do not give tension in the scene, whereas the plot of this film is unique in that it attempts to connect horror elements with a time loop, which is good, and this film is enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 3/5

This film is good to watch if you want to watch something with a time loop that is related to the horror element, whereas this film is a must-watch for horror fans, whereas normal viewers should try this film because it is based on the many ways you can accept something different.

This is all about the review of this film; I hope it clarifies your thoughts about watching it. Please let me know how much you enjoy it in the comments section.

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