The Amazing Race Season 34: The Amazing Race is back on our watchlist once again and this time with more unique upgrades that are definitely going to make this competition a whole lot more difficult for the participants but fun for us viewers.

This Season has a couple of changes like;

1). This is the first time that the race has started outside the US.
2). Participants can compete in the challenges of the first leg of the race in any order that they want to, called The Scramble.
3). No Non-Elimination Legs.

Participants List
Luis & Michelle (Team Miami)

Together for 13 years and married for 6 years. Michelle is a professional dancer, currently on tour with Pitbull and Luis is a Firefighter for 12 years.

Derek & Claire

Met on Reality-TV Show Big Brother and have been dating for the past 8 months. Claire is into Software & Tech.

Tim & Rex

Rex was a Head Coach for the NFL for 8 years, 6 with the New York Jets & 2 with Buffalo Bills while Tim is a Probation Officer for the State of Tennessee. Both of them got paired up at the Golf Course and became good friends after that.

Abby & Will

High School Sweethearts, Super-Fans of The Amazing Race who have known each other for 20 years

Quinton & Mattie

Former Los Angeles RAMS Cheerleaders and Best-Friends who met each other while working and Mattie was Quinton’s Captain.

Molly & Emily

Identical Twin Sisters who were separated at birth and have just met each other a year ago. Molly was adopted by a Jewish Family in Florida & Emily by a Jewish Family in Pennsylvania and discovered one another when Emily’s daughter took a DNA Test.

Linton & Sharik

Immigrants from Jamaica have traveled through watching the Amazing Race and now they are in it.

Glenda & Lumumba

40+-year-old Newlyweds who met at a church.

Aastha & Nina

Met on a dating app, have been together for 4 years, and got recently engaged. Aastha is a spiritual Hindu.

Aubrey & David

Dance Studio Owner of one of the largest Latin Dance Companies in Los Angeles who partnered as dance partners and are ready for the next phase in their lives.

Marcus & Michael

Both active-duty Air Force & Army get to see each other once or twice a year.

Rich & Dom

Known each other for 8 years and married for 3 years. Both of them work together as Motivation Speakers where they visit schools and try to motivate students.



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